Russell Brand Talks Awkward Encounter with Ex-Wife Katy Perry and Addresses Geri Halliwell Dating Rumors (EXCLUSIVE)

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Brand says he'd eat food off David Beckham's body...
Russell slips on some tight whities too
Russell Brand has been in the headlines this year, mostly thanks to his highly publicized split from Katy Perry. Last week, the 37-year-old funny man and his ex-wife were spotted at the same Lakers game — though in separate sections.

In just over one week, Brand will be making new headlines: professionally.

Starting Nov. 13, fans of the comedian can start downloading What About Dick online. The show was filmed over four sold-out nights in Los Angeles back in the spring, alongside comedy greats like Eric Idle and Eddie Izzard.

Brand, who plays the titular Dick, recently spoke to Celebuzz about the comedy event, yoga and whether or not he’s dating a Spice Girl.

Celebuzz: Pretend I’m a movie executive. Pitch What About Dick to me.

Russell Brand: You’re an executive? Well firstly I’d undermine you so that you don’t feel too cocky. I’d make you bear in mind that you’re absolutely expendable, that your time in power is transitory, then I’d tell you about this thing which is a good old fashioned knockabout show. The reason I done it is because it’s got the best comedians around. Billy Connolly, amazing, isn’t he? I’ve just been in a room with him and I’m still tingling from his touch. Eric Idle, professional academic of comedy, Eddie Izzard who I adored growing up, Jane Leeves who was Daphne in Fraser for God’s sake, Tracy Ullman, amazing virtuoso performer, Jim Piddock of Christopher Guest fame and there’s some bird named Sophie Winkleman who I think the whole thing could’ve lived without.

CB: Didn’t she marry into the royal family? (She married Lord Federick Windsor, son of the Queen’s cousin).

RB: Well that makes sense. Now I understand how she gets work because I’ll tell you what, it’s not on merit.

CB: Did you feel like a young whippersnapper?

RB: Yeah I did a bit and it was nice to have that role. Billy Connolly gave me advice. I was able to watch them. It was beautiful, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

CB: What advice did he give you?

RB: It’s not advice really. Perhaps it’s not the right word. He set an example. How he works, the spirit of his behavior. You forget don’t’ you? Because you talk to people like they’re normal. I suppose most everyone is normal but they’ve got that gear change, somebody like Billy Connolly. He’ll say something and you’ll think, “Bilmey that’s a brilliant observation,” and you’ll go, “Oh no that’s Billy Connolly” and it happens with brilliant people al the time. If you’re with someone who’s a brilliant musician and then they’ll sing and you’ll go, “Oh f**k they can do that thing.”

CB: I think you’re a bit brilliant.

RB: That’s very kind of you, thank you.

CB: I do. I read both your books. I’m not just blowing smoke up your arse.

RB: That’s nice that expression isn’t it? I’ve never actually had anyone do it but I bet it feels really nice, their lips against your anus, get your anus so relaxed that they can blow smoke into it. It would probably be a really nice feeling.

CB: Are you going to be trying that at around 11 tonight?

RB: I don’t know, for a start I don’t allow smoke in my home so I don’t know how we’re going to get the smoke from.

CB: Was that basketball game uncomfortable? (Last week, Brand attended the same game as his ex Katy Perry).

RB: What basketball game? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

CB: So who are you dating? A Spice Girl?

RB: What the hell are you on about?

CB: Just having fun.

RB: There’s a difference between fun and the senseless and deliberate lowering of the consciousness of the planet talking about spurious gossip!

CB: Well I really hope you find a nice girl and settle down.

RB: That’s a lovely thing to hope for, thank you.

CB: Someone not in the business.

RB: Thanks for your bloody advice!

CB: I know you do a lot of yoga. Are you very bendy?

RB: Spiritually I am very pliant and pliable.

What About Dick will be available for download on the show’s website starting Nov. 13.

Written by Nicki Gostin

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