‘Twilight’ Star Michael Sheen on How He Developed Aro’s Evil Laugh for ‘Breaking Dawn – Part II’ (VIDEO)

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Michael Sheen has the last laugh, so to speak, when his villainous character Aro lets out a maniacal guffaw in Breaking Dawn – Part II.

So, how did he develop it?

“It comes out of building up your imaginative connection to the character,” Sheen, age, explained to Celebuzz while promoting the movie. “The more I feel the character, the more time I think about the character, the more time I’ve spent as the character, the more I got the sense of someone who is very split. On the surface, he’s very controlled and he has this quiet, gentle voice, and everything seems very fine. There’s not threat. Very gentle.”

“But underneath is this absolute dark craziness,” he continued. “So I loved the idea of finding something that would stay with people — that would be quite shocking but would give a sense of his true voice.”

“In New Moon, I remember there was a scene where I just laughed and it kind of came out in this extraordinary way,” Sheen — who is dating actress Rachel McAdams — recalled. “And I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s exactly right.’ So it was an instinctive choice. It wasn’t random; it came out of what I was thinking about.”

“It shows that there’s something out of control in Aro,” he added. “And you always sense that there’s something dangerous and unpredictable in there, and that what he shows to the world is not really his true self.”

“It was a good way to get that out. And it’s kind of fun and something that people will remember.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part II, which will see the long-awaited battle between Aro’s Volutri family and the Cullens, hits theaters on Nov. 16.

For more on our interview with Michael Sheen, watch the video, above.

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