Chris Brown Unleashes ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ from ‘Carpe Diem’ (AUDIO)

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Riri and Chris' Duet
Listen to 'Nobodies Business' from Rihanna's upcoming album.
Chris Brown News
The singer says he's trying to become a better person.
Chris Brown isn’t perfect, and that’s all he wants his fans to know for now.

On Friday, the 23-year-old singer unveiled his new song “Nobody’s Perfect” on Los Angeles radio station Power 106.

The single is the first off of Brown’s highly anticipated album Carpe Diem, due in 2013.

Brown fans will notice that the title of “Nobody’s Perfect” is awfully similar to his duet with rumored on-again girlfriend Rihanna, “Nobodies Business,” from her upcoming album Unapologetic, but let’s just focus on the music for now.

“Nobody’s Perfect” is a familiar sound for Brown, who flirts with the dance floor with the track.

“I would kiss a mirror, every single day, if I wake up with your face. What are all these doubts for, spinning in your head, don’t you look so sad,” he sings.

“Won’t you come right here, set the mind off you, nobody nobody nobody’s perfect but you,” the song continues.

Brown is gearing up for a winter tour in Europe, starting Nov. 14 in Copenhagen. His Carpe Diem tour will include stops in Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris and other cities, before heading to South Africa for four shows.

Check out Chris Brown’s new single ‘Nobody’s Perfect,’ courtesy of Breezys, above. What do you think of the track? Weigh in below.

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