‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn ­– Part 2’: Jackson Rathbone Reveals He ‘Can’t Wait to See What the Future Holds’ (VIDEO)

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Jackson Rathbone couldn’t hide his love for his fans at Monday night’s Los Angeles premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Speaking to Celebuzz on the black carpet, Rathbone explained how his fans have been able to keep him just as excited about the franchise as he was on the first day of filming in 2008, playing Jasper Hale in the original Twilight.

“I try to make time for the fans,” the 27-year-old told our own Michelle Marie at L.A.’s Nokia Theater.

“It’s so wonderful, they camp out for five days and the weather’s been terrible so it’s nice to see their enthusiasm.”

He added, “Their energy keeps [the cast] going.”

As far as feeling nostalgic about the series’ final film, Rathbone said he was looking on the bright side.

“It doesn’t feel like an ending, it feels like a new beginning in many ways.”

Rathbone shared that he hasn’t gotten a big ego over the films’ success either.

“I have a really wonderful family that keep me grounded,” he confessed.

“If I ever acted out of place they’d let me know.”

The young actor was one of the first celebs to arrive at the premiere of the final flick in the Twilight series.

Rathbone joined co-star Nikki Reed in a surprise performance for Twi-hard fans who were camped out in front of the Staples Center Monday afternoon.

The fans, who had been camped out for almost a week, were delighted when one of their favorite vampires serenaded them for almost an hour.

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