Eddie Murphy’s ‘One Night Only’ TV Special: The Line-Up Will Be Like ‘the New York Yankees,’ Says Brother Charlie (VIDEO)

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Spike TV is honoring Eddie Murphy in a One Night Only inaugural primetime special, and the comedian’s brother Charlie says fans will not be disappointed with the star-studded guest list this year.

“This is the New York Yankees before Jay-Z made that record about the hat,” he told Celebuzz in our New York City studio this Wednesday. “Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Russell Brand, Tracy Morgan, Charlie Murphy, Adam Sandler, [Samuel L.] Jackson, Tyler Perry.

“All on one stage on the same night!”

How did this star-studded name came to be?

According to Charlie, his brother Vernon — who’s also the executive producer — came up with the TV concept one night. Since then, many of Eddie’s famous friends have signed up to celebrate the 51-year-old actor’s illustrious career.

“About a month ago, it became real for me — like this is going to really happen,” Charlie said of the creation process. “When you first hear that it’s going to happen — okay, you hear about it. But when it gets closer to the actual event and the names you hear swirling… it’s awesome.”

Spike TV’s One Night Only for Eddie Murphy airs Nov. 14 at 10 PM.

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