‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg on Wrapping Up the Bella’s Love Triangle: ‘It Really Was a Challenge’

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For the first four films in the Twilight saga, Edward and Jacob battled for the hand of Bella — but in Breaking Dawn – Part 2, that conflict is finally over.

Edward and Bella are married, and Jacob has imprinted on none other than their first-born child, Renesmee. And after mining so much drama from that love triangle, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg confessed that it was especially tough in the series’ final installment to make sure that Jacob was still integral to a story that focused on a relationship of which he was no longer a part.

“It really was a challenge actually to keep him as a solid part of the story,” Rosenberg told Celebuzz. “He is out. This movie was the first movie that was not about a triangle.”

Rosenberg said that the shift in the series’ focus from romance to the sweep of an massive confrontation actually gave her plenty to work with in terms of moving Jacob’s story forward.

“It’s really about an epic battle, an impending battle and gathering the troops,” she observed. “He really is equal parts in that, actually, because his troops are the wolves and, you know, his job is as protector of Renesmee. So I was really glad to see there is a real sense of him throughout the movie.”

She also said that Taylor Lautner’s interpretation of Jacob provided her with a strong foundation to ensure that everything she did write for him to do made an impact.

“He’s just so much fun,” she said of Lautner. “He has such great comedic timing and I really play lines off of him — he’s just a really strong presence in the movie.”

Meanwhile, Edward Cullen has now obtained the one thing that means the most to him – Bella’s heart. Rosenberg explained to us that there are two key moments in Breaking Dawn – Part 2 which reveals how much he’s grown over the course of the series and, in a way, how the torture of being the world’s prettiest vampire has given way to him regaining something he thought was lost forever: his humanity.

“He starts off at the very beginning of the series just really with an enormous amount of self-contempt, and that continues on throughout his journey, even well into the last movie,” she said. “And so it was a great moment to find that moment when he says to Bella, ‘I have a bad habit of underestimating you.’ He sort of embraces her power, which is such an important moment in the relationship.”

“But then there’s also his final realization that he actually is going to be living the dream,” she added. “He’s going to be find happiness. But having something to fight for, that’s a big arc for him.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in theaters nationwide Nov. 15. Watch below Celebuzz’ black carpet coverage of the film’s premiere, including an interview with Robert Pattinson.

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