‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ Star Michael Rady Explains How Micah Will Win Emily’s Heart (Q&A)

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The world of The CW’s Emily Owens. M.D. is kind of like high school in a hospital.

There’s tons of drama to go around at Denver Memorial. And on Tuesday’s episode of the freshman series, one character will be facing a serious storyline on “Emily Owens… and the Tell-Tale Heart.”

As we learned on the pilot, surgical resident Micah Barnes’ (Michael Rady) mother is fighting pancreatic cancer and this “episode is really about him juggling the roles of being a doctor and being a son.”

“You learn that his mom is not responding very well to her treatment or as well as he would hope,” Rady told Celebuzz. “He tries to put a good spin on it for her, because he knows from experience she might take any possible negative news and amplify it. So, he thinks he’s doing her a favor by shielding her from that and putting a good spin on it.”

We spoke with Rady about how he gets Emily (Mamie Gummer) involved in his mom’s treatment and how he plans to win her heart away from Will (Justin Hartley).

Celebuzz: What part does Emily play in your mom’s treatment during “Tell-Tale Heart”?
Michael Rady: Emily gets in the middle. [She] is sort of cornered in the middle if that makes sense. That really pulls Emily and Micah’s relationship into the ring and he gets very upset with her. It’s a great episode.

CB: Is there a long-lasting impact on Emily and Micah’s relationship?
MR:It gets resolved pretty quickly. I think the important thing that comes from it is that it deepens their relationship in a great way.

CB: We’ve seen the episode and it seems like Emily and your character’s mom are pretty close. How will their relationship change or be affected by the outcome of this episode?
MR: This episode, I bring Emily on to my mom’s case. I guess there’s also a layer there – is he doing that because he really likes her? Well, he obviously likes her and trusts her as a doctor. That’s why he’d want her on the case. She’s now technically one of my mom’s doctors, so she’s for sure in the picture and their relationship gets better. And my mom certainly loves to interject and sort of butt her nose into other people’s business so that will be happening as well.

CB: In real life, sons can’t often be the doctor for their mother. Will you continue to be on her case or are you going to take a step back now that her cancer treatment isn’t going, as well?
MR: Well, she does have an oncologist. You get that the idea that the shot that [Michah is] calling would not be his first or second suggestion. So, he stays in the picture and he continues to treat her. As of now, I’m still presiding over everything with my mom. I’m not sure where they’re going to take it, but bowing out of that situation would be very difficult to surrender to and putting that in someone else’s hands. So, that could be interesting

CB: Fans of the show have a whole Team Micah vs. Team Will dynamic going on. What can you tell them that Micah is going to do to win over Emily’s heart?
MR:Wel, I start wearing platform shoes so I’m taller and that helps. Will is so upsettingly tall and funny… [But, really], he’s awfully stealthy about it. He’s really listening. He’s a bit of a spy with it all. She has no idea that he’s remotely interested in her that way. She’s completely 100 percent oblivious to that. But, he gets closer and closer with each episode. He gets closer and closer to showing his hand and putting all his cards on the table. Then, without fail someone literally jumps in and interrupts and the moment is ruined. Just wait until we get to the episode we’re filming now – Episode 11 – and it’s a good episode. Actually, I won’t say anymore. I shouldn’t even tease that.

Emily Owens. M.D. airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on The CW. Don’t forget to enter Celebuzz’s contest for a “Play Doctor” prize pack.

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