Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor: Does the ‘Liz & Dick’ Star’s Look Do Her Idol Justice? (GALLERY)

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Though she never met her, Lindsay Lohan campaigned heavily for the role of Elizabeth Taylor on Lifetime’s movie, Liz & Dick.

“I just think her story is so incredible,” Lohan said on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. “I think her love story with Richard Burton is really beautiful. And, she’s done so many wonderful things. I relate to her part of her life that was all in front of the cameras.”

Playing a role is one thing, but how did the red head nail the Hollywood legend’s look?

The TV film chronicles the iconic star’s romance with actor Burton (played by Grant Bowler). As the movie crosses over several decades, Lohan wore 66 different costumes. In addition to wearing re-creations of Taylor’s jewelry, the 26-year-old also wore several of the icon’s actual vintage dresses.

But, does Lohan’s transformation do Taylor justice? At least one person who was very close to the star thought so: Taylor’s nurse of about eight years was moved by Lohan’s similarities to the late star.

“She was on-set most of the days when I was working,” Lohan told Leno.

“I get aged in the movie,” the actress later added. “So, when I had a different look, she actually started to tear up. And she said, ‘You look just like her and you sound just like her.’ And that was a real big compliment.”

We rounded up several of Lohan’s most spot-on looks from the movie. Launch our gallery to compare the two stars side-by-side and judge whether Lohan pulls it off for yourself.

Liz & Dick premieres Sunday at 9 PM on Lifetime.

Do you think Lindsay’s appearances captured Elizabeth Taylor? Tell us in the comments section below.

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