Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Liz & Dick’ Premieres: What Viewers Are Saying

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Lindsay Lohan’s much-anticipated turn as Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor has earned plenty of coverage from the media. But, viewers finally got their chance to see what all the hubbub was about when Liz & Dick premiered on Lifetime Sunday night.

The movie follows the passionate and troubled relationship of its namesakes, Taylor and Richard Burton (played by Grant Bowler). The couple was married in 1964 and their romance spanned 12 years, including a divorce in 1974, then remarriage in 1975.

Did Liz & Dick capture the couple’s storied romance? Did Lohan fill Taylor’s shoes convincingly? While the critics were overwhelmingly unimpressed by the film and felt Lohan was unable to do Taylor justice, what did the viewers think?

Twitter was ablaze with conversation on the TV movie. As you can imagine, viewers offered plenty of snark, some sincere notes on the writing and Lohan’s acting, but there were a few – very few — people who seemed to enjoy the biopic.

Here’s what viewers were saying about Liz & Dick:

Thumbs down
joshuagates: Lindsay Lohan in Liz and Dick: “I’m bored. I’m so bored!!” You and me both, kid. You and me both.

maxwyeth: If only some of the wig/hat budget had been given to finding a writer #LizAndDick

rtisticgirlDC: This is just sad. #LizAndDick

afran90: Oh my god, LiLo is so bad she can’t even act when all she has to do is mimic the source material word for word #LizAndDick

ShmittenKitten: This movie is like a community theater production of Mad Men’s deleted scenes. #lizanddick

ryee_lovett: Lindsay at her best can’t hold a candle to Liz at her worst. #LizandDick

megmager: Three minutes of #LizandDick and I’m dying of laughter. Who would agree to act along Lohan the train wreck?

ManhattanMingle: You don’t want to watch but you can’t take your eyes off it. Root canal is easier to get through. #lindsanity #LizAndDick

Mrs_Amelia: One min. Lindsay has an accent, next min she sounds like Kathleen Turner after smoking 3 cartons of cigarette’s a day. #LizandDick

Callie_Roche: I have been so excited about watching ‘Liz and Dick’ but Lindsay Lohan just sucks at acting. Period.

nedaakx3: Lindsay’s acting in #lizanddick is so bad that it’s so amusing

shreykhetarpal: #LizandDick is boring… Lindsay Lohan looks like Liz Taylor but is irritating! You simply don’t connect with her.

thenotoriousJRO: Though its not all Lindsay’s fault, it’s poorly written.

ryee_lovett: Lindsay at her best can’t hold a candle to Liz at her worst. #LizandDick

Thumbs up (more or less)
Relvyn6: Liz & Dick is pretty good so far.

Kramer: At least the girl can smoke convincingly #LizAndDick

AmbiDreamsPink: #lizandDick The resemblance is uncanny

LizLou72: #LizAndDick is my new favorite movie <3

morethanBrando: OMG I’M CRYING. Lindsay bringin’ the sexy back.

Michelle_Sal: alright it’s over. i look forward to watching it again after a break-up or when i’m pmsing or something. #LizAndDick

bowen_vanessa: I don’t think #LizandDick is terrible. Lindsey actually did a pretty good job. People need to lighten up.

MannyLucci: Well, Liz and Dick was actually a really good movie. One of my favourites to put in my @lindsaylohan collection! #LizandDick

roelofenraymond: Lindsay Lohan delivered a strong performance in #LizAndDick

callmecray: Lindsay isn’t doing as bad as I thought #LizAndDick

What was your take on Lohan and Lifetime’s Liz & Dick? Tell us in the comments section below.

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