‘Man in the Mirror’ Co-Writer Siedah Garrett on Working With Michael Jackson: ‘He Was a Creative Ball of Energy’ (VIDEO)

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Michael in the Mirror
A look back at Jackson's incredible legacy.
Director Spike Lee’s new documentary Bad 25 aired Thursday night in an abbreviated form, tantalizing fans of Michael Jackson with tales of the creation of one of the King of Pop’s most famous albums.

But Celebuzz spoke with Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” co-writer Siedah Garrett for some insights about the process of assembling Bad that even the filmmakers didn’t reveal.

In particular, Garrett explained that her collaboration with the iconic singer was remarkably reciprocal given his post-Thriller status as possibly the world’s biggest pop star.

“When he worked with you, he treated you like he had as much to learn from you as you did from him,” Garrett remembered. “That’s not a common personality trait. I just found it so refreshing. He was just so cool!”

“He could have been this pompous idiot, because he was the King of Pop,” she continued. “But he was mellow and cool and sincere – and just a creative ball of energy. And you will see part of his creative process in this documentary.”

Garrett was a recording artist in her own right, albeit one with decidedly a lower profile than Jackson, by the time producer Quincy Jones recruited her to contribute a song to Bad. She said she was shocked to discover that after submitting “Man in the Mirror” for consideration, Jackson had as much enthusiasm about meeting her as she did him.

“I just knew I wanted to come up with something that would have Michael say something really important to the world, because he had the whole world as his audience,” she said. “And also, I wanted to meet him. I don’t know how I even had the audacity to think I would meet him at this level.”

“But not only did he want to meet me, because of my voice, but when he found out I wrote that song, I think he just wanted to meet this person.”

In addition to its network broadcast last week, Bad 25 is currently being shown in limited theatrical release, with a DVD release planned for 2013. Watch the film’s trailer below.