Man Who Claimed to be ‘Suge Knight’s Son’ and Infiltrated Lindsay Lohan’s Inner Circle Charged With Impersonation

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A man who masqueraded around Hollywood as the son of music mogul Suge Knight — infiltrating Lindsay Lohan‘s inner circle and implicating her in a theft case — has been arrested and charged with impersonation, Celebuzz has learned.

Andrew Knight, aka Andrew Payan, was nabbed during a police raid of a Hollywood Hills, Calif. home on November 16 — the same house where he and his family had allegedly entered and began to squat it.

During the bust, 19-year-old Payan was arrested, his booking sheet obtained by Diary of a Hollywood Steet King reveals.

He now faces six charges including three felonies for criminal impersonation with intent to defraud, along with felony robbery, grand larceny and felony grand theft. He’s been released on $50,000 bond.

In August, Liz & Dick star Lohan claimed she was being “framed” after cops formally named her a suspect in a $100,000 jewelry heist following an all-night Hollywood Hills house party hosted by one of her close friends, Sam Magid.

Magid reportedly told police that Knight claimed Lohan, 26, handed him a bag with two or three pieces of the stolen items wrapped in a t-shirt. He and another friend reportedly returned the items to Magid.

The Los Angeles County D.A. later decided to drop the case entirely.

Days before that incident, Lohan was photographed by paparazzi walking on a beach in Los Angeles, alongside Knight.

Later, Lohan and her father Michael fingered Knight as the actual thief. Papa Lohan even boasted about calling Suge Knight, the founder and CEO of Black Kapital Records and co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records who was accused of arranging the 1997 murder of rapper Biggie Smalls.

“I kind of broke that case,” Michael told Zap2it, at the time. “I spoke to the owner of the house myself and I cleared it up.”

“[The owner] told me nothing was stolen,” Michael added.

“Then one thing led to another with Suge Knight’s son. I called Suge Knight up and I said ‘What’s going on here?’ And he said ‘My son had nothing to do with it and from what I understand neither did your daughter.'”

According to urban blogger Jacky Jasper, who has been investigating Payan for his website, Diary of a Hollywood Street King, the impersonator even used an email address with the psyedumon “sonofamogul.”

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