‘The Voice’s’ Cassadee Pope Talks Following Up Her Psy-Toppling Performance

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It is no secret that Cassadee Pope is a fan favorite on The Voice. The 23 year-old former Hey Monday member rose to No. 1  on the iTunes chart — pushing out Psy and his “Gangnam Style” fad — just last week with her heart-wrenching performance of coach Blake Shelton‘s “Over You.”

It was the ballad to end all ballads. But this week, she decided to jump to the other end of the vocal spectrum with her more punk rendition of Michelle Branch‘s “Are You Happy Now?”

“I don’t feel like either one is right or wrong; it’s just if the [specific] song connects with me, and if I can really pour emotion into it,” Pope said to Celebuzz about the different genres of tracks she tackled in only two weeks.

“If it’s just a ballad that was huge a few years ago and is just about a boyfriend breaking up with you, then it might not be special enough.”

Still, Pope had to be feeling a little added stress after pulling such large numbers last week — in what host Carson Daly said was the most voted on show in The Voice history.

“There was a lot of pressure, and something that I kept having to tell myself was ‘Hey, it might not be as big. It’s fine.’ I’m not going to have something like that happen every week, and that’s why it’s so special: Because it’s not something you can just repeat because you feel like it,” Pope said.

“It was a special song with a special message behind it and a really good time, and I feel like all of it combined took it to No. 1, not just me singing it.”

Pope knew that coming into the Top 8 she just had to pick a song that resonated with her as strongly — even if not in the same way. She credited her coach for helping her stay in the moment of the music without getting too caught up in the competition, too.

“I went into band practice with [Blake], and he was like ‘Stop. Don’t think about that. Just do your thing,'” Pope said. “He told me not to think about all of the other stuff but to just go out there and do something [I was] excited about and that [I] love.”

And that’s what Pope did.

By choosing such a loud, on-your-feet number, The Voiceproducers put Pope very last on the roster, allowing her performance to close out the show and be the last thing the audience saw. As if the pressure to deliver something big wasn’t already great enough, right!?

“They put you last because they want to end the show with a bang. It’s just the dynamic of the show, so it’s not necessarily that it’s an advantage and people see me last, but I better give it my everything or else the end of the show’s just going to be like ‘Whomp, whomp’,” she said.

“I certainly hope that I delivered and that it was enough so I can come back next week and do it all over again!”

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM on NBC.

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