‘Glee’ Preview: Rachel and Cassie Go Head-To-Head With ‘All That Jazz’ (VIDEO)

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Finally! This week, Kate Hudson is back on FOX’s Glee — and as per usual, Cassie is heating things up on the dance floor.

On “Swan Song,” Cassie goes head-to-head with her favorite student, Little Miss Schwimmer a.k.a. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). Together, the two femme fatales perform the Chicago classic, “All That Jazz.” And surprisingly, Rachel holds her own against the NYADA instructor. Gleeks, this is a diva-off for the history books!

Brody (Dean Geyer) appears to be M.I.A. during the sexy performance, but something tells us he’s at the center of the drama after his tryst with Cassie. Not to mention, Cassie isn’t exactly thrilled when Rachel is invited to NYADA’s prestigious Winter Showcase.

Meanwhile, Kurt (Chris Colfer) gets a chance to audition for NYADA again — in front of Carmen (Whoopi Goldberg). But will another opportunity sway Kurt’s future plans?

Back at McKinley, the New Directions regroup after a tough loss at Sectionals, and Finn (Cory Monteith) ponders his future with the club. Can Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) convince him to stay? Or will he fall victim to Sue’s (Jane Lynch) irrational wrath?

Glee airs Thursdays at 9 PM EST on FOX.

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