‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: The Beginning of the End

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I’ve just finished watching the last episode of The CW’s Gossip Girl before the series finale and I only rewound the last scene and previews about four times. So. Many. Questions.

For a show that’s been phoning it in since the second half of Season 4, these last few weeks have been a rollercoaster to say the least. Monday’s Chuck (Ed Westwick) centered episode was technically the first half of the series finale. Let’s start our goodbyes…

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode, “The Revengers.”

Bart Bass (Robert Burke) used to just be a cold-hearted prick, but he was still somewhat human. The Bart that has developed over this last season was just plain insane, sociopathic, and villainous. I say was, because The Grim Reaper actually made an appearance on this episode. Bart Bass is dead… for real this time.

There was no way Chuck was going to be killed off. However, I never foresaw the way he was going to pop back onto our screens. Did Dan (Penn Badgley) always know where he was? Did Chuck parachute off the plane? I’m missing the part where we went from A to B. How did that whole arrangement happen?

After last week’s Thanksgiving from hell, I really thought that Lonely Boy had reached the end of his road and become unforgivable. He was done for in my book. Somehow on this episode, he managed to redeem himself for me and probably many other fans as well. While I don’t think Serena (Blake Lively) respects Dan for the way he treated her, I think he was finally earnest and so was she. She loved him enough to not want to be part of a world that could ruin the good, moral guy that she fell in love with. She needed a clean break. L.A. is hardly a clean break, but whatever. Also why the hell would anyone ever take life advice from Bart Bass?

What was in that envelope that could convince her to get off the plane? It has to be more than the nice article he wrote for her. Is it all the evidence to take down Gossip Girl? I know Nate (Chace Crawford) said he had it compiled at his apartment, but there’s still a lot of holes in this story. Who ever thought that Dan would end up leaving us with the most questions? Perhaps, he really has always been the ultimate insider. Last week, he told Rufus that he has had a plan this whole time. I have to say that I actually believe him.

All the ladies were put to awesome use on this episode. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is the ultimate ride or die bitch. She will do anything for her man. She is afraid of no one. If Bart Bass ever hijacked my town car, I’d piss my pants. Let’s not even lie: He is terrifying. But just as Blair drunkenly sang in the video at her birthday party on Season 4, she will always “stand by her man.”

I can’t even talk about the scene on the tarmac without getting misty eyed. It was so Casablanca. Blair’s whole plan, while not entirely flawless, was completely awesome. She made Bart just paranoid enough to start freaking out. Then again, she had the best bitches and schemers on her side! Even Ivy and Sage who my feelings waver about, put on a good show on this episode.

Unrelated to Blair’s plot, Sage retrieving The Captain in order to help Nate was adorable. She knows this guy and she actually cares about him. How many of Nate’s exes can we really say that about him aside from Serena? Best of all, she inspired him to start looking for Gossip Girl again. He has nothing left to lose at this point. It’s go big or go home, right?

This episode brought up so many feelings. I felt like it was an early season of the show. There was gasping, fan girl-ing, some tears and yelling at the TV. Yes, of course, I know this is just a show, but haven’t this crew of Upper East Siders (and one Brooklyn-ite) found a special place in our hearts over the past few years? After all, you wouldn’t be here reading this review if you didn’t agree a little bit!

Buzz Moments

OMG: Bart Bass is really dead this time, you guys.

Thank you, TV gods.: The moment Dan introduced Chuck at the gala, shocking everyone.

Awk-ward: That weird superhero movie theme music on the rooftop scene.

Hotness: Blair and Chuck’s kiss on the tarmac.

Fa-bu-lous: Blair and her bevy of bitches.

Can. Not. Wait.: Chuck and Blair’s wedding, the reveal of Gossip Girl, the flash-forward, the return of Jenny and Eric, basically ALL OF IT.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9. Amazing episode, but I’m reserving my 10 for what is sure to be an epic finale.

Until next week when it’s time to say goodbye, xoxo.

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