‘Malibu Country’s’ Jai Rodriguez Talks His Co-Stars, Predicts Geoffrey’s Future (VIDEO)

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While Jai Rodriguez is best known as the culture guide from Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the New Yorker is first and foremost an actor. And now he’s starring opposite country heavyweight Reba McEntire on ABC’s freshman sitcom, Malibu Country.

As record executive Geoffrey, he adds the sass to the star-studded show about a fish out of water.

“I play the kid, who works right here in Hollywood, at one of these record labels,” Rodriguez told Celebuzz about his character when he stopped by our studio. “I’m like the gatekeeper to the main guy. I’ve been told to send [Reba] away [because] she’s too old, she’s a has been … but in typical Reba style she wins me over and I become her one ally in the music business.”

McEntire, plays Reba McKenzie, a one-hit wonder who uprooted her life to Malibu with her kids and mother, played by Lily Tomlin, after she found out her country superstar husband was cheating on her.

So what’s it like working with a legend?

Rodriguez said, “She’s so funny. She’s genuinely like Lucille Ball [with her] comic timing. It’s the most bizarre thing to be working with her and sort of getting acting pointers from one of the greatest country stars in the world.”

He also mentioned that fans of the country singer’s former show, Reba, which is now shown in syndication, should definitely be tuning in as she plays “a similar tone.” As one of Reba’s only allies in the music industry on Malibu Country, Rodriguez’s Geoffrey is really trying to push the singer out of her comfort zone.

“I think what’s going to end up happening is, if I could predict it … I have a feeling I’m either going to leave my job or get fired or something and end up taking her on as my only client.” he said.

However, he told us that Geoffrey will probably do something crazy like “get her booty dancers or have a remix – David Guetta style. Completely inappropriate but I think Geoffrey, my character, he would think that was cool.”

Watch Rodriguez’s full interview in the video above.

Malibu Country airs Fridays at 8:30 PM on ABC

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