One Direction’s Harry Styles Personally Collects 23 Cupcakes For Birthday Girl Taylor Swift (EXCLUSIVE)

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Harry Styles takes Taylor Swift home to meet his mother.
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One Direction superstar Harry Styles personally picked up 23 cupcakes to celebrate his girlfriend Taylor Swift‘s birthday, Celebuzz can exclusively reveal.

Kelly Blakey, co-owner of Chapelford’s Village’s Cupcake Company in Cheshire, England, was amazed when Styles turned up at her back door in person to pick up Swift’s treats.

An assistant had previously phoned in the order requesting 23 various cupcakes — one for each of the country singer’s years.

“I could not believe it when Harry Styles was standing there in person at my back door to pick up the cupcakes,” Blakey said. “When the order came in the previous evening, we had no idea who it was from — we are an online business who bakes from home, and this is our busiest time of the year.

“I was so nervous when I handed over the delivery to Harry, but he was really kind and told me he loved all the smells coming from my kitchen.”

According to Blakey, 18-year-old Styles was more than gracious when he made his cupcake payment.

“[He] paid for his 37 pounds delivery by handing over two 20 pound notes — he was wearing a black beanie and sweatshirt dark jeans and white converse shoes.

“I tried to stay calm but must admit I was pretty excited inside, as it’s not every day you have Harry Styles at your door picking up a delivery.

“He thanked me before carrying the cakes over to his Range Rover. Taylor was not inside, as it was supposed to be a surprise for her. I just hope she likes our baking and comes back herself next time.”

Ironically, some of the cupcakes Styles ordered for squeaky-clean Swift contained a bit of alcohol.

“Our cupcakes are organic, so I’m sure that Taylor would appreciate that — but some do contain a little alcohol,” Blakey explained.

“Her delivery had a variety of flavors including Chocolate Decadence Fudge, Bubbilicious, Cookies and Cream, Strawberries and Cream plus a Grasshopper which has a little splash of chocolate mint liquor in it.”

Styles — whose parents live in the nearby town of Holmes Chapel — has been giving Swift a tour of Northern England before taking her home to meet his parents.

The two have been inseparable since meeting backstage at FOX’s The X Factor in November.

Do you think Taylor appreciated Harry’s birthday present? Or can you think of a greater gift idea? Weigh in below.

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