Michelle Obama Describes Her Duties as ‘Hostess-In-Chief’ During the Holidays (VIDEO)

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The holidays are a special time at the White House.

A time, when first lady Michelle Obama becomes “hostess-in-chief.”

“This is the most special time to be in the White House, and one of the things I really love is that it’s the one time of the year when we really open the White House,’’ Obama told Today correspondent and former White House resident Jenna Bush Hager Wednesday. “We have thousands and thousands of visitors just streaming through every day. Everything looks great. The smells are magnificent. I feel very blessed to be able to be here during these times.’’

Obama and Hager sat down as as part of the NBC special, A White House Christmas: First Families Remember, to talk about the current first families’ holiday traditions and what it’s like to celebrate at America’s most famous address.

Obama told Hager that her family really tries to turn “a spotlight onto our military families” during the holiday season saying, “I just try to remember that this is the time when the White House is truly the people’s house.’’

The biggest tradition the Obama Family takes part in over the holidays is heading to Hawaii to spend time with their friends and family. “That tends to be our gift to each other, the president and I. We don’t exchange gifts,” she said. “We say, ‘We’re in Hawaii. Merry Christmas.’’’

While celebrating on the island, everyone including the president, takes part in a family talent show.

“Everyone has to participate, whether it’s singing or reading a poem,’’ the first lady revealed. “The kids will construct a play of some sort, or we’ll sing Christmas carols.’’

Though celebrating the holidays at the White House and in Hawaii may be different than the average American’s plans during the holiday season, Obama says that their holidays are really just like everyone else’s.

“That’s what you realize living here is that in the end, it’s about family,’’ she said. “It’s about friendship. No matter what we’re dealing with around the world, the holidays are a time for us to all just be together and be thankful.’’

Watch Obama’s complete interview above.

A White House Christmas: First Families Remember airs Thursday at 8 PM on NBC.

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