‘Switched at Birth’ Cast Spills 6 Things to Expect From Season 2

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Switched at Birth set records in its first season for the number of episodes, but also the amount of drama it packed into such a relatively short on-screen time frame. But now that the show is returning to ABC Family for Season 2, things are only going to get more intense.

Surprisingly, though, the big first season finale reveal that Angelo (Gilles Marini) has come into major money and learned he has another kid out there, is far from the juiciest conflict to come on the next season.

Celebuzz was on-set with the cast of Switched at Birthto get you excited for their all-new episodes! Here’s six things to expect from Season 2:

1. Bay switches schools and faces lots of new troubles there. Due to a new pilot program at Carlton, a select amount of hearing students can join the student body there, and Bay (Vanessa Marano) is eagerly one of them. Only when she gets there she finds challenges with other students, as well as the academics.

“She expects that because she signs and she knows so much more about deaf culture now, it’s going to be great. [Her] experience has been Daphne, who’s this completely acclimated girl who lives almost seamlessly and perfectly between both worlds and Emmett, who also didn’t talk and thought hearing people were selfish but then ended up dating Bay. So, clearly she was like, ‘I can win the hearts of everyone!’ Even [Melody] — she started out not liking her, but won her heart in the end. And then here she doesn’t. She does not at all. She’s basically bullied. She’s not expecting it to be as difficult as it is, and she ends up realizing she doesn’t know as much sign language as she thinks,” Marano said.

2. Bay’s bully is a deaf girl named Natalie from Carlton, played by model and up-and-coming actress Stephanie Nogueras. “In the beginning my perspective is that coming from a deaf school, I don’t want to see a hearing person come in. What’s the purpose of that? So that’s why I’m mean to her, and she starts to get involved in my program, and I realized we have some cuts. Art class is cut, but they’re adding these new kids, and I’m mad about that,” said Nogueras, speaking for her character.

3. Angelo does not take his money and run, but instead bestows lavish gifts on loved ones to win them over. Surprisingly? It works! The absentee father tries to buy the love of his children to a certain degree by gifting Daphne (Katie Leclerc) with a food truck and Toby (Lucas Grabeel) with a recording session, to name a few things.

“It’s a surprising gift and definitely shocking for everybody, but I think Daphne’s mind is always changing about Angelo. Sometimes I think she’s really happy, and sometimes I think she’s like, ‘Oh, this guy…’ I think he’s making an effort, and I think she sees that,” Leclerc said.

4. New love interests abound, but old flames die hard. With Chef Jeff (Justin Bruening) out of the picture, Daphne and Travis (Ryan Lane) have ample room to grow closer. “She starts this season definitely sort of lost, and she needs to find her footing, and she makes closer friends with Travis. They have a great friendship, and he’s a great ally to her, but she has to figure out what she wants,” Leclerc said.

Meanwhile, Bay isn’t truly ready to face her feelings for Emmett (Sean Berdy), and she ends up bonding with a new guy Noah (Max Lloyd-Jones). “[Emmett] wants to get back together with her, and she’s in that pushing forward, pulling away… She loves him so much and wants to be back together with him, but she’s not ready,” Marano said.

5. Though Nikki (Cassi Thomson) and Toby are together when the season begins, their relationship isn’t without bumps in the road. “Musically — that was our whole reason for getting together in the first place. We enjoyed playing together. And unlike a husband and wife who work together and then see each other at home all the time, we can go home and spend time apart. But there is something that is uncovered about her past that definitely raises a red flag to me,” Grabeel said.

6. New guy Noah has a secret of his own.“I think he’s more the nice, sweet guy so far, from that I’ve seen, but he does have a secret that’s going sort of bubbling inside of him and makes him different than the hearing and the deaf kids. That’s going to come up in the next few episodes, and there’s going to be some confrontation. He’s kind of at a crossroads,” Lloyd-Jones said.

Switched at Birth returns to ABC Family on Monday at 8PM.

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