How My Interview With Ryan Gosling Turned Into Every Woman’s Dream (GUEST BLOG & VIDEO)

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RyGos & Emma Smooch
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone kiss on 'Gangster Squad' set!
Ryan Flees Fangirl Mob
Ryan Gosling makes a mad dash from 200 screaming ladies!
Los Angeles-based film reporter Alicia Malone got up close — and personal — with actor Ryan Gosling during an interview to promote his latest film, ‘Gangster Squad.’ Very personal. She shared a hug with the man widely considered one of the sexiest alive; an action otherwise known as every woman’s dream. Writing exclusively for Celebuzz, she relives the moment.

On Sunday, I lived out what I imagine would be a fantasy of many girls around the world: I hugged Ryan Gosling. Awkwardly.

You see, I’m a film journalist for a living. That means I get to watch films, review films, chat to film stars and travel the world going to film festivals. It’s a dream job for a movie geek like me. And while I take my job pretty seriously and try to approach my interviews in an intellectual manner; occasionally, when faced with a dreamy movie star or impressive director, my awkward nature pops out.

After many unsuccessful attempts to try to just “act” cool, I have learned to embrace my awkwardness in all its embarrassing glory.

The press junket for Gangster Squad was filled with journalists from all over the world — Spain, Germany, Russia and for me, the Australian film site Moviehole.

Gangster Squad is the big movie for January, a modern feeling crime thriller set in 40s LA starring an incredible cast including Josh Brolin, Emma Stone and, of course, Gosling.

After a disastrous high five incident with director Ruben Fleischer (he thought I was going for a handshake, I was trying to force the high five), I decided to end all my interviews in a similar awkward manner.

With Emma, we stared at each other in silence for a good ten seconds. With Josh, it was a cheesy fist bump explosion. And with Ryan, I asked for an awkward hug. Hey, I’m only human.

You never quite know how a celebrity will be when you meet them at a press junket. So many things depend on their mood: the time of the day, who was the journalist before you, how tired are they of answering questions. Sometimes, these stars will do 80 four-minute interviews in the one day.

But Ryan, well, he exceeded my expectations.

He was so nice, so funny and so willing to have fun. As soon as I walked in, he stood up, shook my hand and complimented my vintage Star Wars t-shirt — putting me so at ease that it felt less like staring at a famous star and more like talking to a friend I had met somewhere before.

Ryan answered my questions about Gangster Squad well — we both agreed that gentlemen’s hats should make a comeback — and obliged me with a high five — and a hug. I’ll admit, I had a hard time letting go.

— Alicia Malone

Watch the video above to see Malone’s magical moment with the one and only Ryan Gosling.

Gangster Squad opens in theaters this Friday, Jan. 11.

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