Elton John Slams Reality Television: ‘It’s the Lowest Common Denominator’

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In his latest tirade, the legendary rock star harshly targeted the world of reality TV, calling the small screen genre “the lowest common denominator.”

“I hate reality television, I think it’s the lowest common denominator,” John said in an upcoming documentary, titled Sellebrity. “It’s mind-rotting to me. It numbs my brain.”

The “Tiny Dancer” singer didn’t deter from calling out the legions of stars who found fame through reality shows.

“And the people being called celebrities and have their own reality shows, I want to kill ’em,” he added. Ouch!

This hasn’t been the first time John has publicly bashed reality television. In 2004, he accused American Idol voters of being racist after Jennifer Hudson was ousted off the show, while Fantasia Barrino and La Toya London were constantly grouped in the bottom three.

“These three girls would have the talent to be members of The Royal Academy or Juilliard,” the singer-songwriter told reporters in 2004. “They have great voices. The fact that they are constantly in the bottom three, and I don’t want to set myself up here, I find it incredibly racist.”

As for Kim Kardashian, don’t expect her to walk away unscathed from the British rocker’s ongoing rants. “Who the f**k is Kim Kardashian? Some stupid old tart from somewhere. Reality has killed talent…” he said during a 2011 Rolling Stone interview.

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