Ryan Gosling: Six of Our Favorite Roles From the ‘Gangster Squad’ Star (PHOTOS)

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Ryan Gosling's Loves
The hottie's real and rumored girlfriends!
If you’re like us, then you love Ryan Gosling more than you care to admit.

When he’s not making women wish they could use him as a human Snuggie, he’s showing off his crazy talent on the big screen. In honor of Gosling’s new film, the crime thriller Gangster Squad, Celebuzz ranks and files his most essential performances.

As his resume can attest, Gosling has been slowly but surely developing his “big deal” status.

It’s a Sophie’s Choice having to pick his best, most must-see performances. While Gosling is good in everything, he’s especially good in the following six films.

What is your favorite Gosling movie? Sound off in the comments below, and check out Celebuzz’s trailer for his latest, Gangster Squad

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