‘Arrow’ Recap: Can Oliver Get Back What He’s Lost?

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'Arrow' Winter Return
EP discusses Oliver's crisis of confidence.
On this episode of The CW’s Arrow, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is still reeling from the beatdown he got from the Archer (John Barrowman), his family is still suffering the loss of another father figure and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) seeks help for a friend.

Welcome back from winter hiatus, everyone. I know it was only for a few weeks, but I sure missed having Arrow on my TV every week. This episode was a fantastic way to return. It had in it all of those things we’ve come to know and love from this show; lots of action, a little bit of drama, a smidge of romance and let’s not forget those abs.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Wednesday’s episode, “Burned.”

The episode starts with Laurel’s best friend asking her for help when her brother dies under suspicious circumstances. Cue the storyline where Laurel starts sneaking around town on her own, gets herself into trouble and Oliver swoops in to save the day — except that’s not what happened. I like that instead of giving us what could have been a completely predictably story, we got something slightly different.

Laurel picking up that phone and dialing “The Hood” for help was brilliant. Not only did it show us that she really is starting to trust him, but it also brought Oliver a bit out of his funk. After nearly being snuffed out by the Archer, Oliver has been on the bench for the past six weeks and not even Dig’s (David Ramsey) pep talks (or ass kickings) can bring him back from the edge. Oliver keeps claiming that he’s staying home to be with his family after the kidnapping of Walter (Colin Salmon), but it soon becomes clear that that’s not the case at all.

As it turns out, it wasn’t weakness that kept Oliver at home for those six weeks. I suppose you could call it “fear,” but I don’t really like that word either. A man deciding that he didn’t want to put his family through the pain of losing him again should probably be classified under the word “love” more than anything else. But though it made my heart swell a bit to hear him say that (and yes, maybe my chin quiver a little bit), I was also glad when he decided to get back to work.

Of course,  the whole Laurel-has-Oliver’s-phone thing has now led to her father getting his hands on a very solid lead to The Hood. I have to admit I fell for his whole line about how the guy couldn’t be that bad if he kept protecting his daughter. Pretty sneaky, that, and using his daughter as bait to catch The Hood? That was really sneaky. Just when I think this guy has finally gotten over his decided hatred for all things connected to The Hood, he goes and proves that he is determined not to let bygones be bygones.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Laurel dialing the phone and asking Arrow/Oliver for help.

Thank you, TV gods.: Dig having a turn at the workout room. Oliver’s “Nothing. It’s my turn” when Laurel asked what she should do next.

Awk-ward: Laurel finding Tommy’s note asking for a drawer.

Hotness: Oliver working out in his secret lair. Honestly. I feel like I should write this down and save it to use over and over again for the rest of the season.

Fab-u-lous: Tommy and Laurel kissing at the club. The way the light hit them right then was kind of beautiful.

Can. Not. Wait.: Oliver getting back to kicking butt and crossing off names in his father’s book.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8.

So what did you think of “Burned”? How long do you think it will take before Laurel calls Oliver again over the super-secret Bat phone and inadvertently sets a trap for him?

— Michelle Carlbert

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