MTV’s ‘Failosophy’ Revels in Your Most Embarrassing Moments (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Remember the days when you could do something horribly embarrassing and only your close group of friends and family could use it against you? Well, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the ever-present camera phone has ended all of that.

And what better representation of that shift in our privacy than MTV’s new pop culture show, Failosophy? Premiering on Thursday, Feb. 14, the new series is hosted by Hasan Minhaj (State of Georgia), who’s joined by a panel of comedians and internet personalities.

Their job? To dig up the most cringe-worthy moments of our lives that have been captured on video, in photos, on Twitter or on cell phones. But, the madness doesn’t stop there. They’ll also recreate momentous fails submitted by the audience and hit the streets to drum up even more outrageous stories.

But, you’ve got to see it to know just how wrong this show can get. Watch Celebuzz’s exclusive sneak peek above.

Failosophy premieres Thursday, Feb. 14 at 10:30 PM on MTV.

How would you feel if your biggest foibles became Failosophy fodder?

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