What the Puck: The 6 1/2 Best Hockey Movies Ever Made (PHOTOS)

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Hockey fans, rejoice! The NHL begins its latest season Saturday with plenty of puck-smashing, hip-checking, tooth-flying action, giving stateside sports fans a look at what truly tough athletes look like.

To commemorate the start of the new season, Celebuzz assembled a collection of hockey-themed films to prime neophytes and reintroduce veterans to bloody good time that the player have on the ice.

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If you’ll notice, we selected six true hockey films, and one that’s sort of more incidentally a celebration of the sport. But then again, any instance where Adam Sandler is angrily pummeling Bob Barker in the midst of an otherwise civilized game of golf seems exceedingly appropriate for our list.

What if anything did we forget? Take a look at the trailer for last year’s criminally-underrated comedy Goon, and then let us know in the comments section below which is your favorite film about hockey!

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