‘Revenge’ Dives Deeper Into The Initiative, Puts Victoria in Danger Again (VIDEO)

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'Revenge' Faux-mance
And an equally fake romance on the ABC drama.
ABC’s Revenge has been spiraling down the rabbit hole that is the Initiative all season long, and it seems like things are only going to get worse before (if?) they get better.

Now that Aiden (Barry Sloane) has proven some fake loyalty to them, the Initiative only wants more from him. And in the next all-new episode of Revenge, entitled “Collusion,” the ominous Helen (Wendy Crewson) tasks Aiden with a task proven to be quite difficult in the past: take out Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). Permanently.

Yes, that’s right, Helen asks Aiden to kill Victoria, who is allowing her worries over Daniel (Josh Bowman) to get in the way of the Initiative’s major plans. Not to tip his hand, Aiden prepares to put on a good show for them, hiding in the bushes outside Grayson Manor with a sniper rifle. But, we all know Victoria is the socialite that just can’t die, so while she will undoubtedly come out of “Collusion” unscathed, it may prove to be the beginning of the end for someone else…

After Conrad (Henry Czerny) stepped in — at least partially — to help with the Porters’ new legal woes, Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) futures end up in his “unlikely” hands. Conrad has never quite been the hero before, so something tells us his own self-serving interests will get the better of him here. Our money has been on him for be to be the one at the bottom of The Amanda since last week’s episode. He doesn’t seem nearly as untouchable as Victoria. No offense to Czerny.

And then there is Daniel, who goes toe-to-toe with a new business rival, Jason Prosser (Dylan Walsh), in order to land an important deal. Though Daniel has proven himself more business-savvy than we expected, his mother is out to stop this particular deal. And when it comes to the two of them, our money would be on Victoria any day! Poor Daniel. Hasn’t he had enough heartache, emotional manipulation, and physical setbacks!?

Watch a sneak peek below.

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 9PM on ABC.

Are you glad to see Revenge expanding the worlds and story lines for these supporting characters, or do you want the show to get back to the basics of Emily and her revenge list a.s.a.p? Let us know what you think of season two so far in the comments below!

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