Everyone Knows Someone Like Larissa, Says ‘Carrie Diaries’ Star

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Freema Agyeman, who plays Larissa Loughton on The CW’s new series, The Carrie Diaries, thinks everyone knows someone like her outrageous character.

“In any situation, there’s always one person who is slightly mad and slightly into everything and into the enjoyment of life and not willing to tolerate anything that’s mildly difficult,” Agyeman told Celebuzz.

But Agyeman, who relocated from her native Britain to New York City for the series, says the only thing she shares with her on-screen alter-ego is their mutual “Britishness.” She empathizes more with the drama’s title character.

“At this point in my life I feel more like a fledging wide eyed Carrie Bradshaw in awe of everything and I’m being guided by this very capable, slightly insane character,” she said.

On the pilot, Larissa, the Style Editor for Interview magazine, meets Carrie [AnnaSophia Robb] and doesn’t realize she’s a high school student and not a career gal living it up in the city. On Monday’s episode, she’ll photograph Carrie’s purse for a spread in the magazine.

How long can Carrie fool the worldly Larissa? “I can say that it does get addressed,” she said. “It does come to Larissa’s attention sort of towards the middle of season. How it plays out beyond that I won’t and can’t say.”

Look for Larissa to meet more of Carrie’s high school pals on the coming episodes. Agyeman also hints that things might become rocky between the two unlikely friends.

“Initially, Larissa is intrigued by the fashion and Carrie’s accessories,” she said. “She does whisk her into her world very quickly. But from what we know of Larissa, she does look like the sort of person who would drop somebody just as quickly. But at the same time, the more she gets to know Carrie the more enamored she is.”

Larissa is in full-on 80s fashion with clothes as outlandish as her character’s personality. “I always look forward to my costume fittings because I walk in and I can instantly tell which rail is mine, because they have the brightest shiniest outfits that make me smile because they are so outrageous and so wacky but beautifully put together,” she said. “I think they look like pieces of art.”

Viewers have already seen Larissa shoplift. And there’s definitely more to this party girl than we know. Agyeman said that on the early episodes, Larissa’s role is really to be the “Mad Hatter” to Carrie’s “Alice.” But as the series progresses, viewers will get to see more about what makes Larissa Larissa. “She is a force of nature and it is fun and it’s exciting but nobody can be that person all the time,” she said.

At 33, Agyeman is one of the older stars on the series. “We all do things together, but sometimes I am that dear old auntie who says, ‘No, kids, I’m going home to have a glass of wine. I’m not going to go to karaoke tonight,’” she laughs.

Agyeman had previously starred on the British hits Doctor Who, Torchwood and Law & Order: UK. So, she’s getting used to some of the difference that comes with filming on this side of the pond. There’s the overabundance of food at the craft service table. The fact that she has a stand-in and a chair with her character’s name on it. And the paparazzi that surrounds the cast while they’re filming on the streets of New York.

“It’s all terribly Hollywood and very glamorous,” she said. “It all adds to be me kind of pinching myself while I’m on-set,  really feeling like I’m here. This is a whole new chapter for my career.”

But while she’s beginning this new chapter, she’s not forgetting the story that came before. She’ll even attend a Doctor Who fan convention in February.

“I do feel like they’re quite different jobs that have quite different fans, but I am adamant to always keep them linked in terms of my connection,” she said. “Because I am the same person and really am grateful to my fans that remain loyal despite me crossing over to different genres and moving on to different projects.”

The Carrie Diaries airs Mondays at 8PM on The CW.

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