Take A Minute To Meet The Next Honey Boo Boo — Only Zander Miller Is a Pageant Boy! (PHOTOS)

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TLC’s Honey Boo Boo better step aside because there’s another fierce competitor out on the children pageant circuit these days.

Meet Zander Miller, the seven-year-old boy who’s been crowned Grand Supreme”in beauty competitions across the nation. In the last six years, he has performed at over 40 pageants, taking home such titles as Most Beautiful Overall, Best Fashion, Overall Grand Supreme, Best Personality, Grand Ambassador, Best Smile and won over $20,000 in prize money.

According Zander’s mother Tracy, 36, the young tot loves being the center of attention — and getting glammed up for the competition.

“A lot of seven-year-olds play video games, or waste their time on other things like that, but Zander is fit and active, he travels, he earns money and loves every minute of it,” she says. “Today, just like an adult celebrity, he’s got a manager and a booking agent and has just started getting proper modeling jobs. There’s no risk of him spending all his winnings on sweets, he’s got a great team of people around him.”

How did Zander get into pageants in the first place?

“‘You should enter Zander into this,’ my friend told me one afternoon, showing me an advert for a local beauty pageant. I thought, ‘why not,’ for after all everyone kept telling me how good-looking my son was,” Tracy recalled.

“[Zander’s father] Mike and I were stunned when Zander won ‘Grand Supreme’, the highest award at the show,” she continued. “Zander’s prize included an invitation to perform at a huge pageant in Connecticut, and while it was quite a long journey from our home, we splashed out on the trip there for me, Mike and Zander’s Grandma. ‘What have we got to lose?’ I said to my husband.”

Just like Honey Boo Boo — or Alana Thomspon as she’s known, who shot to fame when TLC featured her in an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, Zander has a wardrobe full of glitzy stage costumes he loves to parade in.

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“Grandma and I would make his special outfits, including amazing little tuxedos and cowboy costumes. We’d buy a normal child’s tuxedo online, and hand glue black rhinestones onto the lapels and onto the cowboy hat, to impress the judges,” Tracy said of her son’s onstage numbers.
We learned that at National pageants, little boys and girls would have to impress the panel with both ‘glitz’ and ‘natural beauty’, so Zander would have to have a smart suit and tie as well as more glamorous outfits.”

“Soon, we had found a tailor who would custom make his outfits. Zander would also have to impress with an interview with judges, as well as a ‘talent,’ and he chose Hip Hop gymnastics, which he already excelled at.”

As for Zander’s favorite activity? Tracy says her son loves to get his nails done.

The proud mama gushed, “‘I love having my nails painted, Mommy,’ he told me. Most of the young boys in beauty pageants have their nails painted — it makes them look polished and tidy, so I soon started painting Zanders nails, along with my own.”

“I told him that in the house I only allow him to have either black painted nails, or clear painted nails,” she continued. “His favourite shade of nail polish is Onyx black, and he wears that often. I think it looks smart.”

Though the pageant parent admits she has no idea where Zander’s talent — and fame — will take him, Tracy says she has no doubt Zander will continue to steal the spotlight.

“I think Zander has a bright future ahead of him, because he’s got that ‘It factor,” she said.

“Perhaps it’ll be Broadway, or maybe Hollywood. Whatever he chooses to be, he’ll be a real showman.”

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