Sharon Osbourne on Lady Gaga Feud: ‘Nobody Messes with My Kids’ (VIDEO)

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Gaga Blasts Osbourne
The singer urges the 'Fashion Police' host to stop bullying.
If you mess with the Osbourne clan, you have to answer to Mama Sharon.

In a continuation of the feud that just won’t die, Sharon Osbourne fiercely defended her decision to take on Lady Gaga and her fans after they threatened her family as a result of a battle that originated between Kelly Osbourne and Mother Monster.

The argument started when Gaga sent an open letter to Kelly on Jan. 10, telling her to stop her bullying and critical comments on E!’s Fashion Police. In turn, Sharon wrote Gaga a letter of her own.

Now, Sharon has taken Gaga and her fans to task yet again. On the set of her CBS talk show, The Talk, she criticized their violent and gun-fueled rants against her family, telling Celebuzz on Wednesday: “My opinion is, Gaga wants a kinder world. Don’t let your fans be so hideously damaging, hurtful, violent, spread violence on your website.”

And we’re sure Sharon has plenty of, well, ammunition against Gaga.  After going off on the pop star and guns on The Talk on Jan. 14, Mother Monster took to the stage in Vancouver that very night sporting  a guns-blazing bra.

When asked Wednesday if she was sorry she got involved in the fracas, Sharon retorted, “How can you regret supporting your daughter?” She also reminded us of the fact that Lady Gaga’s own mother had written the original letter with Gaga.

Osbourne then reiterated the obvious: if anyone criticizes her family, they can expect to hear from her. Concluded the always entertaining star: “Take that to the bank, Mrs.!”

To see more of Sharon’s interview, watch the video above.  Then tell us: Should Sharon have stayed out of it and let Kelly fight her own battles, or was she right to come to her daughter’s rescue?

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