‘Spartacus’ Star Ellen Hollman Talks Saxa’s Greatest Pleasures (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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'Spartacus' Final Season
Starz sets the premiere date for its hit series.
Any fan of Starz’s hit series, Spartacus, knows what to expect. There will be heroism, sex and bloody battles. And it seems no one loves those things more than newcomer Saxa, one of the Germanic slaves who were rescued from a slave ship and joined Spartacus’ (Liam McIntyre) rebel group last season.

“[Saxa loves] anything to do with drinking wine and women,” actress Ellen Hollman said of her Spartacus character when she visited our Hollywood studio this week.

She also added, “And this season, Gannicus.” Lucky gal.

The series is notorious for sheltering no one (except, maybe, its title character) from death, so Hollman knows she’s lucky her character has survived to this season.

“It’s a rarity indeed to actually make it to the final episode of the final season or anything,” the 29-year-old told us. “I mean you don’t really know when your axe is coming… It’s absolutely carnage. Wait until you see this season.”

The Detroit native reveaed that she chooses to do her own stunts, which includes the deadly and rarely used weapon, the reverse double daggers. Before and during production, the often scantily clad actress attends what’s called “Gladiator Boot Camp” and practices mixed martial arts, hot yoga and weights to stay in shape for the job.

With its final chapter, Hollman described how quickly things will change for Spartacus and his rebels. “In the beginning of this season, War of the Damned, we find the rebels kicking major Roman ass,” Hollman previewed.

“It’s just battle after battle. We keep one step ahead of them. That’s until they bring out the big guns, which is Marcus Crassus. And unlike our previous foes, he’s able to anticipate our moves because he doesn’t underestimate us.”

Watch our full interview with Hollman above.

Spartacus: War of the Damned premieres Friday at 9PM on Starz.

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