Get Hollywood’s Hot New Haircut — Without Scissors

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So long, extensions! The faux bob is your answer to those days when you feel like cutting off all your hair – sans the post-impulse cut regret. The tucked-in but slightly undone ‘do is a red carpet favorite — and it’s not hard to see why.

Long locks are lovely, but the same old style can get oh-so-boring. That’s why we’re loving the faux bob — a genius compromise that only looks as if you’ve gone short.

The commitment-free style is the perfect way to instantly freshen up your look – sans scissors.  That’s right — there’s no need to chop your hair —  the appearance of a completely new (shorter) look is just a handful of bobby pins away.

The faux bob is a fave of long-haired beauties like Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and Vanessa Hudgens. And we guarantee once you try it, you’ll be one of this genius updo’s biggest fans.

But I don’t have a celeb hairstylist at my beck and call, you say? Not a problem! The look is easy to recreate at home. But I don’t have Hollywood hair, you say? No worries.

Though the faux bob works best with wavy or textured hair, if that’s not something you have naturally, you can still easily recreate the ‘do with a curling iron and texturing spray (plus, a lot of) bobby pins.

Just follow these simple steps to creating your own faux bob – and you’ll fool your friends into thinking you finally chopped it all off. (Don’t worry, we’ll play along.)

Check out our hair how-to to recreate your own faux bob.

 Is this updo genius or what? Share your favorite red carpet ‘do below.


Looking to do something more permanent with your hair? Watch the video below to check out another hot hair trend in Hollywood right now.

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By Anne Roderique-Jones