Revealed: Lady Gaga’s Tour Rider — You’ll Never Believe What’s On It

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Lady Gaga may be living “The Edge of Glory” in her songs, but she’s lapping up a life of luxury when she’s on the road.

And all the diva demands and decor are Gaga-approved.

During her arduous two and a half-year Monster Ball Tour, the “Bad Romance” diva requested that her dressing room be decorated in a “glam rock” fashion and furnished with white leather couches, fresh roses and black satin drapes, according to the superstar’s rider obtained exclusively by Celebuzz.

The document, which was revealed in court documents during a six-hour deposition Gaga gave in a lawsuit involving her former assistant Jennifer O’Neill which Celebuzz was first to reveal in Aug. 2012, also noted that a “manquin [sic] with puffy pink public [sic] hair” be present in her backstage suite.

“[With] silver statins [sic] draped over the walls,” the document noted of her dressing room, adding that “old rock posters from her favorite artists [like] David Bowie, Queen, Elton John and Billy [sic] Holiday,” and “fan art that was kept on the road” also be hung around the room.

Other dressing room accoutrements include all the luxuries of home, plus one that has relaxing properties for the on-the-go superstar: 2 large fluffy lavendar [sic] towels; 2 lavendar [sic] hand towels; 2 lavendar [sic] wash cloths, which must be available to the pop star “at all times”; lavendar [sic] handsoap, body wash; face soap; 2 new seafoam luffas; small candle in the bathroom, fresh yellow, lavendar [sic] or white roses; and a steamer.

All of these requests are only a small fraction of Gaga’s complex — and costly — tour.

According to emails submitted in the lawsuit from O’Neill, who’s suing the singer for over $300,000 in unpaid wages, Gaga had splashed out $5,700 on online high-end retailer, $3,000 for designer luggage and $600 for prescription eyeglasses.

The pop superstar was also lavished with luxurious clothes from designers, including a discounted $3,000 beaded dress she wore to Cirque du Soleil, one-of-a-kind wigs, custom Louboutins she specifically requested to be “high-fashion goth shoes,” and free gifts like a nude metal and long sleeve bodysuit.

The songstress also spent up to $150,000 to charter round-trip from New York City to Poland, according to emails in the documents. Other deep-pocket options included $100,000 or $65,000 on a day’s travel via airplane.

Back in June 2010, Gaga was also browsing the Big Apple housing market for a $4 to $5 million apartment or brownstone in Tribeca, Soho or the Lower East Side, according to an email exchange submitted in the suit.

Aside from the glamourous swag, the rider shows that the Mother Monster was already gaga for health food.

The singer had asked that whole wheat bread, Bran Flakes or Special K (with no berries or raisins), organic teas and milk, Hiro strawberry jam and peanut butter with flax seed that contained no more than 4 grams of sugar, Ezekial [sic] sprouted grain tortillas and homemade guacamole be made readily available backstage during all her performances.

And she had professional help keeping to the strict diet plan, with 24-hour hotel kitchen access given her to her personal chef recommended by trainer-to-the-stars Harley Pasternak.

Some of her other special requests included:

  • Dunkin Donuts vanilla ground coffee
  • Organic ginger lemon grass tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Throat coat tea
  • Honey
  • 40 bottles of room temperature and cold water
  • 8 Coke Zeros
  • 4 Essential Flavor Vitamin waters
  • 8 Fuze Slenderize drinks
  • 4 Gatorades
  • Pack of long straws (“Must be extra long,” the document noted.)
  • Container of lemon or garlic hummus
  • Bag of natural/organic corn tortilla chips
  • Solid white tuna in water
  • Vegetable tray with carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower with low-fat ranch dressing
  • 6 Activia yogurts (“vanilla preferred”)
  • 1 bag of Tostito lime flavor tortilla chips
  • 1 container of lemon or garlic hummus

She also indulged in alcohol, requesting that both Jameson and “two bottles of good quality white wine” like Chardonay and “1 bottle of good quality red wine (shiraz, grenache, malbec, cabernet)” for her crew.

Back in her hotel room, things also had to be in their place: One multi power strip has to be next to each bed, along with an Ipod player (“preferably Bose”), multi-regional DVD player (but her those in her team “don’t want to pay for one”), fresh organic milk, Splenda (“preferably pellets”), and 8 coffee mugs (“not teacups”).

The “Born This Way” singer also requires 24-hour access to the hotel fitness center, as well as her security to a private entrance to the premises.

But if she doesn’t want to leave her room, she doesn’t have to.

She asks that an elliptical machine/cross trainer be placed in the living room area (“not bedroom”), humidifier in the master suite, iron and ironing board, clothing steamer, 4 sets of towels in the master bathroom, 2 rolling wardrobe racks with 40 hangers on each rail, automatic drip coffee maker in a second bedroom, can opener, blender, crushed ice, and plenty of fresh health foods– 1 bottle of olive oil, 1 bottle of balsamic vinegar, 1/2 liter of whole milk, organic kale, spinach, blueberries, rasberries, and strawberries, be at her beck and call.

And if the hotel wants to provide any complimentary gifts for Gaga — a fresh fruit plate, bottled water (still, not sparkling), and champagne will do just fine, according to the documents.

Despite the health kick, the pop icon struggled with her weight soon after the tour, with Fashion Police‘s Kelly Osbourne famously saying that Gaga’s curves made her look “pregnant.”

The “Poker Face” singer opened up about her weight struggles in an open letter to fans, writing on her LittleMonsters blog last September before penning another open letter to Osbourne imploring her to set a better example to their fans.

“I urge you to take responsibility and accountability for the example that you are setting for young people. They look up to you because you are famous,” she wrote. “Why not help others? Why not defend others who are bullied for their image and share your story?”

What’s your favorite diva demand on Gaga’s list of tour requests? Let us know below.

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