Have These Stars Gone Too Far With Their Abs? (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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Hollywood’s beach bodies are getting bigger and buffer — but is it better?

Aside from stars like Chris Hemsworth and Kellan Lutz dominating the Hollywood beach scene with their six-packs, Hollywood ladies are also working on their fitness to flaunt that washboard stomach.

Extra host Maria Menounos famously stripped down to her bikini on live TV to show off her killer bod after losing her Super Bowl last year, showing off her much-envied abs.

However, you may want to think twice before trying to get her rockhard abs using her workout technique.

According to Menounos, 34, getting in shape has nothing to do with going to the gym. It all started in her father’s village in Greece where he would have people throw rocks at his stomach so that he would bounce them off to keep his abs tight.

“People would come, and it would almost be like a circus act. Everybody would huddle around him,” she toldShape of how the Menounos family worked out.

“Of course me, being a crazy Greek daughter interpreted it differently. I was like, I don’t want people to throw rocks at me! How about people punch me? So I’ve had many people punch me in the stomach over the years.”

“I’d rather have people punch me than do sit ups. Sitting there, just squeezing your abs and bracing yourself for the punch—that is an ab workout,” she added. “Houdini died like that apparently. My family gets very upset when I do that so I do it less and less these days.”

But is this unconventional technique worth it?

Launch our gallery to see more famous abs that defy expectations!

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