First Look: Andrea Is Such a Badass on ‘The Walking Dead’

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'TWD' Gets S4
But... its showrunner jumps ship.
Fans have been hotly anticipating the return of AMC’s post-apocalyptic hit, The Walking Dead. Well, our favorite group of walker-killers comes back from their midseason hiatus on Sunday. And Celebuzz has a few exclusive photos.

We’ve been hearing the word “war” tossed around, and it looks like a war is exactly what fans will be getting. In CB’s new pics, we see Andrea (Laurie Holden) mid-action and ready to take out whatever’s in her way.

In another photo, we see Milton (Dallas Roberts) in front of a nervous, yet armed group of people. And in the last image we see the show’s undead antagonist, the walker.

If the midseason premiere feels like it was slow getting here, (like zombie slow), fear not, the wait is almost over.

The Walking Dead  returns on Sunday at 9PM on AMC. Watch the latest sneak peek from Sunday’s return below.

What are you most looking forward to when TWD returns?