How Kelly Osbourne Changed These Women’s Lives

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Kelly Osbourne on Gaga
The co-host says she thinks the pop star is pregnant.
She may not Lady Gaga‘s favorite person, but three British women are singing the praises of Kelly Osbourne.

Estralita Murray of Dunoon in Scotland, Andrea Ryder of Sheffield, England and Nicola Ronson of Bolton, England, all took part in Osbourne’s “Hollywood Diet” after jetting to Los Angeles in December — and shed a whopping 101 pounds in less than two months between them.

“Kelly Osbourne is the real deal, and she really helped us all change our lives for the better,” 38-year-old Ryder tells Celebuzz.

Osbourne — who got into a war of words with Mother Monster after criticizing the singer’s weight — did it with a little help from her friends.

The E! Fashion Police co-host enlisted a team of top fitness and nutrition experts to work with the women, including her personal trainer, Fred Khorshidi, and her former Dancing With The Stars partner Louis Van Amstel. Clinical therapist Carla Lundblade helped them tackle weight and food issues.

“Kelly could not have been more helpful. She used to get a lot of stick for being overweight, but she was able to help herself and was very encouraging to us when we were in Hollywood,” said 27-year-old Ronson, a financial broker.

“I’ve managed to keep up with my weight loss by eating healthier and taking up boxing when I got back to the UK.”

“I am getting married later this year, and my fiancé Tim has been very supportive of my new regime,” she added. “Kelly definitely helped me get a kickstart my life. She is a very down-to-earth and supportive person who could relate to how I felt, and that inspired me to lose 46 pounds.”

The trio’s weight loss was chronicled on the UK Daybreak & Lorraine morning television show, which filmed them sweating it out as they did yoga, kayaked and hiked through L.A. — and danced with Van Amstel.

“The mantra from Kelly and the coaches was simple – just eat right and exercise more,” said Ryder, who makes her living as an opera singer. “Kelly was great, and she has stayed in touch with us via Twitter.  I have been able to keep losing weight by eating smaller portions of food throughout the day and by ramping up my exercise.

“It has actually made me a better singer, as my breathing is a lot better now,” she added. “And I also have more energy to play with my two children Declan and Isabel, as I’ve lost around 27 pounds.”

Sixty-two-year-old Murray – a professional chef who runs the Pier Guest House and Bistro in Dunoon, Scotland – says she’s also indebted to Osbourne, 28.

“I lost 30 lbs, and it was all down to Kelly and her team,” she told us. “She was very supportive and down-to-earth. We were all offered slightly different diet plans and, as a chef, I learned to cut out salt and to have healthy snacks like fresh fruit, which would help to regulate my blood/sugar levels.”

“I also mix up walking and running with yoga and Pilates, and I have never felt better.”

And Murray hopes to be reunited with her new Hollywood friend soon — for a very special occasion.

“When Nicola gets married, I will bake her wedding cake while Andrea will sing,” she said. “Hopefully, Kelly will be able to come along too, because she helped to change all our lives for the better.”

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