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Have you been dying to know how the Internet responded to Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl performance? Have you always wanted to see a cat dressed as Walter White? You’re in luck then. Hollywood, meet Internet. Internet, meet Hollywood.

Celebuzz scoured the Internet to collect some of the funniest pop culture macros, gifs, and videos. See how the Internet responded to the week’s biggest celebrity stories.

But this isn’t about us; this is about you! Once you’ve perused our entire collection below, please leave a link to your favorite celebrity memes in the comments. We will share some of the best submissions in next week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup post.

See our favorite funny things after the jump.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity memes, videos, and gifs this week. What are your favorites? Tell us below, and then share your own in the comments.

Some of the funniest content was created in response to Beyoncé‘s epic Super Bowl performance:


(Image via Hot Singles in Ur Area)


(Image via All You Need Is Blood)


(Image via Side of the Door)

Had you noticed that The Avengers was basically just The Breakfast Club with a bigger budget?

Oh, and here’s a cat dressed as Walter White from Breaking Bad:

Cat Dressed as Walter White

The mystery of the Super Bowl power outage is solved thanks to Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.):

Iron Man

Although, Damon Lindelof offered his own explanation:

Damon Lindelof tweet

Good Guy Pitbull always likes to give listeners fair warning:

Good Guy Pitbull

James Franco became the hero we didn’t want, but probably the one we deserve:

James Franco, White Lil Wayne

Lastly, I know we’re all over “Gangnam Style,” but OMG this video:

And that’s all we have for you this week. Remember to leave links to your favorite memes, videos, and gifs in the comments so that we may feature them next week!

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