26 GIFs That Explain Why Channing Tatum Is Awesome

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Channing's Sexy Career
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Who doesn’t love Channing Tatum?

In honor of his latest movie, Side Effects, Celebuzz is pausing for a moment to reflect on the many ways that make him so awesome, both on and off the screen.

In GIF form, of course.

Have a look at our reasons — all 26 of them! — after the jump.

1.) He knows how to give a good compliment.

2.) Which makes up for the times he says things like this.

3.) He knows exactly when to take his shirt off.

4.) And keep it off.

5.) Even when things get weird.

6.) He looks good in the rain.

7.) And in the water.

8.) And especially coming out of the water.

9.) He can get away with wearing a fedora.

10.) Almost.

11.) Seriously, Rachel McAdams couldn’t pull it off, either.

12.) He knows how to kiss.

13.) And cry.

14.) And still be a man when the moment arises.

15.) He isn’t afraid to punch Ben from Felicity in the face.

16.) Because we all know he deserved it.

17.) He knows how to be the law.

18.) And break it, too.

19.) He’s honest.

20.) And loyal.

21.) But above all else, he can dance.

22.) Like, dance.

23.) Like, really, really dance.

24.) Most of the time, anyway.

25.) We love you, Channing!

26.) Fedora and all.

Side Effects hits theaters on Friday.

All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr.