Watch: Melissa McCarthy In ‘Gilmore Girls’ Before She Was Famous

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'Identity Thief' Trailer
See a preview for the new Melissa McCarthy-Jason Bateman comedy.
And with the refreshing rise of female comedic actresses, from out the shadows emerges Melissa McCarthy.

The 42-year-old funny girl isn’t new to acting. In fact, she’s been ­­cracking people up for years.

Her numerous supporting parts in Charlies Angels, Samantha Who? and Life as We Know It have were well-received, while her sitcom Mike and Molly, in which she embraces her plus-sized figure and finds love in an Overeaters Anonymous group, garnered her an Emmy.

But major fame didn’t come until recently, when she received Oscar-caliber recognition with an award nomination for her riotous role as Megan, the abrasive, butch sister-in-law-to-be, in Bridesmaids.

And it’s only been uphill from there.

Now, having mastered the art of the outrageous sidekick and perfected the parameters of comedic relief, Melissa gets a chance to step off the sidelines and shine on her own with a leading role in the new movie Identity Thief.

In the funny film out Friday, McCarthy plays Diana, the unsuspecting scam artist who is living large after robbing Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Jason Bateman), a quintessential nice guy with a gender-neutral name, of his identity. She is now the irritating moving target in Sandy’s life and he’ll stop at nothing to reclaim his self.

McCarthy may just be getting her moment now, but Celebuzz remembers this star from her Gilmore Girls days.

As Sookie St James, McCarthy was a necessary fixture in the quick-witted, culturally positioned mother-daughter series. The scatterbrain top chef and lovable friend to Lorelai Gilmore, she scored lots of laughs with her klutzy demeanor, ridiculous ramblings and sheer quirkiness.

She was an absolutely affable addition to the sometimes-serious cast.

Check out this scene for a well-representing glimpse of Melissa’s early talents.