Watch: Mob Wife Explains Why She Couldn’t Watch Her Own Show

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Drita D’Avanzo can finally sit back, relax and enjoy the Mob Wives show.

With the first two seasons full of catfights, cursing and crying, the VH1 reality star struggled to tune in to her own series. “It was very aggravating for two seasons. [If] I’m fighting, I don’t want to watch it again and get aggravated again,” D’Avanzo told Celebuzz. “And I did, every Sunday.”

“Everyone would say, ‘I loved the show! I love you!’ And I’m like, ‘I hate this last episode!’” she explained. “It’s not easy to be on a show when you’re getting abused or ripped or something and you want to beat people up and that’s not a good thing to do.”

That’s all changed in the current season, which sees D’Avanzo is a much more peaceful place, letting her true colors shine through.

“I’m so happy,” she gushed. “I’m actually enjoying the show because you can see the real me, the person I am all the time, not just when I’m aggravated. It’s very peaceful and I can enjoy it.”

But that does mean D’Avanzo doesn’t still deal with her fair share of ups-and-downs on the small screen.

“This season is a very, very emotional for me, in a sense, because of Lee,” she said of her husband, who just served a prison sentence for robbing a Staten Island bank. “Lee is a huge part of my life and the kids’. Everybody loves Mob Wives, they grow to know us, and love us, and know how we feel.”

While Lee’s leaving prison “was a lot” for D’Avanzo to handle, her daughters, Aleeya, nearly 12, and Gizelle, 5, were thrilled their father was finally coming home. “Aleeya is daddy’s girl so she’s just ecstatic,” the mother-of-two explained. “Gizelle is mommy’s girl and she’s a tough nut to crack. He’s got a lot of work with Gizelle. Gizelle is the type of kid who is super smart. When he [would call], she [would] be like, ‘Listen, where are you? Why are you not here?’ She’s very blunt.”

D’Avanzo’s roller-coaster relationship will be just one of the topic she touches on in her upcoming book. “The book was actually something I did years before mob wives,” she said. “I would sit at my computer at night and just start typing. It was very therapeutic to me.”

But much of her memoir will delve deeper than Mob Wives, pulling back the curtain on a previously-unseen part of D’Avanzo’s past struggles. “I went through so much, and there’s so much people don’t know about me,” she explained. “I went through such a hard time in my life. I think single moms will appreciate it. It’s very inspirational in a way because it’s overcoming a lot of obstacles. I got very sick, very physically sick where I almost died from stress. I went through a lot, and you don’t see that on the show.”

Though she was hesitant to lay out her life in words, D’Avanzo did it for her fans. “Honestly, it’s a little scary to do a book on my life cause there’s a lot of things I don’t want to remember,” she explained. “[But] when Karen came out with a book, Ang came out with a book, everybody on Twitter was like, hello?”

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