Whitney Houston’s Former Bodyguard on Singer’s Death: ‘It Wouldn’t Have Happened on My Watch’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Photos of the pop sensation's last days.
Alan Jacobs, the former bodyguard of Whitney Houston, is reflecting on the seven years he worked for the late pop icon as the one-year anniversary of her death quickly approaches.

“Sadly, I would say I was saddened — but not shocked — by Whitney’s passing,” the 48-year-old Jacobs told Celebuzz, before adding: “It would not have happened on my watch.”

A former soldier and security expert, Jacobs worked for Houston from 1995-2002, during which he became a close eyewitness to Houston’s tumultuous relationship with her husband, Bobby Brown.

“In their own way, they both liked me,” he said. “Whitney respected the way that I went about my business in a quiet and concise manner, while we had an intuitive understanding, too.”

“Bobby knew that I was professional enough to do my job and that I was genuinely only interested in protecting his wife,” he added.

Jacobs claims he was initially unaware that the couple had been taking drugs. Gradually, however, he began to see signs that things weren’t right between them.

He says it was the pressures of fame, in addition to her marriage, that ultimately led Houston — who died Feb. 11, 2011, inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel — to become a full-blown addict.

“Whitney Houston was a very smart woman. Unfortunately, she was under tremendous pressure to keep earning money for her family and to keep touring,” he said.

“Her schedule really was hectic — and she was singing live, so it took a lot out of her body. That was a major contributing factor in her turning to drugs,” he added.

As the drug-taking worsened, Jacobs position became untenable. He could no longer protect the couple from themselves, let alone from other unhealthy outside influences.

To further exacerbate the problem, Houston’s extended family began to get more entwined in both her professional and personal life.

“It got to the stage where I could no longer do my job and where I was placing myself in an uncompromising state,” he said.

“When I did confront them both, Whitney was truly at a loss for words because she knew that she had a problem. Sadly, they were just not used to hearing somebody being brutally honest like that.”

Jacobs says that it was a Houston family member who eventually called time on his working relationship with the couple because he was being insistent that certain people be kept away from them.

He also admits that he fears for their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, now that her mother is gone and her relationship with her father remains shaky.

“It was a real honor to look after Bobbi Kristina; she was such a sweet little girl who really loved her parents,” Jacobs, who has two kids of his own, said “But she had a false sense of reality being a show biz child. I really do hope that she will be okay.”

Jacobs now lives a much quieter life in Colorado, where he is a consultant for Executive Security International. He’s also training people at The Fitness Training Systems One in Kernersville, North Carolina.

And while the world mourns Houston’s passing on Monday, Jacobs will be reflecting on some of the more fun times he shared with her over the years.

“I can remember once, Whitney and I were walking through an airport late at night when a woman approached me and asked. ‘Is that really Whitney Houston?’

“Whitney was dressed casually with a baseball cap with sweat pants and a shirt. Not wanting to draw attention to us both I replied, ‘No, ma’am, this is actually a look-alike who makes money from private parties and such.’

“The woman said:,’Well, she sure looks like her, then.’ As we both glanced towards Whitney, she timidly shrugged her shoulders while concealing that stunning smile of hers. Seconds later, we both walked away laughing out-loud.”

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