This Week’s Hookups, Breakups And Makeups

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For all you teen TV aficionados: Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are dating.

Amid all the cheating scandals and bitter breakups, former O.C. star Adam Brody and former Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester found love after meeting on the set of their 2011 film, The Oranges.

As for another happy Hollywood ending: Kelly Clarkson opened up about her upcoming wedding with fiance Brandon Blackstock. “I was dating skinny jeans and I needed Wranglers,” she told People.

Of course, when it comes to celebrity relationships, things wouldn’t be complete without a little scandal courtesy of  Rihanna and Chris Brown, who both made headlines again after the pair showed a united front at Brown’s probation hearing on Wednesday.

So who else churned the rumor mill this week? Read through for Celebuzz‘s latest report on Hollywood’s lovelines, along with expert commentary from Todd Creager, marriage and sex therapist and author of The Long Hot Marriage.

Adam Brody & Leighton Meester

It’s a made-for-TV moment: the former TV stars sparked a romance after filming their 2011 dramedy, The Oranges. Their relationship is still in the early stages as the pair have been “hanging out for weeks,” according to an Us Weekly report. “They were always close and friendly,” an insider tells the publication.

Creager‘s opinion:

You have two young, good-looking, up and coming, successful celebrities.  They spend so much time together on the set.  They have so much in common.  Not only can they relate since they are both stars in a movie together, but they have the “process” of getting famous that is also similar.  Their compatibility then is already at a high point.  It is natural for the pheromones to start to flow.  Lastly, they are actors in a movie where they have to be dramatic and emotional.  Their emotional juices already have to flow just to be in the movie together.  It is not always possible to separate those feelings generated by the characters they are playing to the real life actors.  That may make it easier to “fall” for each other.

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

After announcing their engagement in December, the American Idol winner gushed about her upcoming wedding with her fiance — a music manager and the stepson of country singer Reba McEntire.

“Out of nowhere I just said, ‘Thanks for being an awesome guy.’ I’ve never been loved properly by a man, and I was just like, ‘I thank you so much for that,'” she told People about Blackstock, who proposed with a canary diamond ring.

Creager’s opinion:

Celebs who fall in love with non-famous people definitely tend to have a better chance in long-lasting relationships.  That is not to say celebrity relationships could never last.  However, when one is not a celebrity, it creates a balanced yin/yang in the relationship.  That balance leads to more stability.  People who complement each other (as well as compliment each other), often have a better chance of having a long term cohesive relationship.  There is less chaos, less “Hollywood drama” and at least more a sense of being grounded in family than when both are famous.

Rihanna & Chris Brown

Another week, another RiRi and Brown sighting. This time around, the “Diamonds” singer joined her on-again, off-again beau at his probation hearing in L.A. The day before, Brown was accused of failing to complete his 180 days of court-ordered community service.

Creager’s opinion:

People’s actions speak way louder than words.  Actions such as Rihanna accompanying Chris Brown to his probation hearing, sitting with his mother, etc. point to one thing: She is back with Chris, or at least making her way back.  Here she is, accompanying him to a court trial that has to do with a time that she was violently attacked by him.  It sure seems that she has forgiven him and is opening up to Round 2 of their relationship.

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

With her first child on the way, Kardashian wants a “new, full life” away from the NBA player, stated in a new declaration in their divorce proceedings. “The same should hold true for [Kris],” according to a legal statement first obtained by TMZ.

Creager’s opinion:

As we look from the outside, we may not know the details of Kris’ motivation.  However, as a marriage therapist, I always am putting out theories of behavior.  All behavior is purposeful and not random, and Kris’ wish to delay the divorce is purposeful as well.  My best theory is that he is being passive-aggressive.  People are passive-aggressive when they don’t deal with their anger maturely and they aren’t directly aggressive because then they would have to “see their sins.”  Passive aggressive behavior can be a way to get anger out towards another person that they feel hurt by without looking like an obvious jerk.  However, passive aggressive behavior can be very hurtful.  Another theory is that Kris may feel embarrassed or in a “one-down” powerless position so this delay of divorce may be his way of getting back some feeling of power and being in the one-up position.

Shenae Grimes & Josh Beech

Just like many of their celebrity counterparts (hello, Johnny Depp and Winona Rider), the 90210 star and her fiance celebrated their engagement with permanent ink — matching tattoos of their names, to be exact.

Creager’s opinion:

That falling in love stage is all about the bonding.  During this stage, people emphasize their similarities, all their good qualities and the desire to stay together forever.  Just like there is the ritual of exchanging rings, which is a symbol of the goal of everlasting love, these days, many couples treat tattoos in the same way.   Mutual tattoos have become another ritual that symbolizes the couples quest for everlasting love.  That romantic falling in love stage is all about the bond.  The couple is not thinking about what would happen if they ever broke up.  In the year 2013, it would not be unusual for couples who are in this “honeymoon” stage of a relationship, to parlay their intense hormonal/emotional/physical attraction to each other into a tattoo that expressed their deeply felt commitment to each other.

Tell us: Which celebrity couple had you talking this week? And which ones do you think will make it in the long run? Sound off in the comments.

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