Sofia Vergara Dishes Motherhood Secrets — On-Screen And Off

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Key comedic elements for the fifth season of Emmy Award-winning sitcom, Modern Family: great writing, killer cast, dead babies.

“That plastic thing sticks into your skin and it’s horrible!” Sofia Vergara told reporters while promoting Escape From Planet Earth about the fake baby bump she wore under her clothes while stomping around in a hormonal rage for most of season four, adding, “We also have a set of dead babies.”

That’s right, “dead babies.” But before you call Child Services, she’s referring of course to fake babies standing in for her new baby boy on the show. When the wide shots are done, they bring in the real baby and shoot closeups.

“You are always supposed to only use it for like 20 minutes at a time,” said Vergara about the rules governing the use of babies on-set. “So, we have this dead baby that is pretty much the one that I act with.”

Discovered by a photographer on a beach in her native Colombia, who would guess the runway model turned actress, known for her red-hot curves, would be targeted by Modern Family showrunners for insemination?

“I never thought that Gloria and Jay would have a baby!” exclaimed Vergara. “When I heard the rumors that there was going to be a new baby, I never dreamed it was going to be us.”

For Gloria, it won’t be such a big change as she’s already mother to Manny (Rico Rodriguez), her first born on the show and still the light of her life.

“Now she’s a little bit older, more worried about Manny’s feelings,” said Vergara about her character on Season 5.

Mother of 21-year-old Manolo Gonzalez Vergara from her first marriage, the comedienne knows a little something about being a mom.

“Don’t get in a car with anyone that is driving drunk. Don’t be stupid, like when he is in New York on his own, don’t walk inside a back alley. Use your head. Don’t go alone on the train at 3 in the morning,” said Vergara, reciting a list of concerns. “As a mom, you never stop worrying.”

Manolo goes to college in New York but stays in LA with his mother and her fiance, businessman Nick Loeb, between semesters. But, having him home doesn’t keep Vergara from worrying.

“Like when it’s one o’clock, it’s like, why are you not back? You didn’t drink, right?” she sighed. “But when he is gone, who knows what he is doing? He must be, like, running crazy, naked or who knows what? But I can sleep.”

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9PM on ABC.

Watch below: Vergara talks about her new movie, Escape From Planet Earth.

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