‘Cult’ Star Matt Davis Breaks Down His New Series

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The CW grants the trio another season.
The CW’s newest midseason drama, Cult, takes a stab at obsessive fandoms, a “show within a show,” and even the online world of investigative journalism.

“The premise is my brother’s gone missing in this cult, and it has something to do with this television show that’s called ‘Cult,’ as well,” star Matt Davistold Celebuzz on-set of the thriller. “[My character] Jeff is trying to figure out what the tie is, and the more he discovers, the deeper he goes. It’s that sort of twisty, turny rabbit hole of bizarre deception and betrayal all along the way,” Davis said.

The show-within-the-show, Cult, has only been on-air for a handful of episodes, but it has already started a phenomenon with fans who eagerly devour each new episode, looking for clues as to the mystery of Billy Grimm (Robert Knepper) and his disciples on-air, as well as how the real world may be influenced by what is going on in the show.

Jeff’s brother is one of these fans, but he has had some trouble with compulsive behavior before, so Jeff doesn’t take his new obsession all that seriously. It is just TV, after all, right? But when his brother goes missing, leaving behind a notebook full of complicated secrets, Jeff starts to see some correlation between his brother’s disappearance and the show after all.

“He’s skeptical, but so much happens that it’s impossible to remain skeptical, so he quickly gives into the notion that this is true. He’s one of the few people who sees it and has to warn the others that it’s true, while they look at him like he’s crazy. He’s constantly aware that it’s crazy to try to talk to anyone outside of what’s going on. He quickly buys into the true believer of it all,” Davis said.

Jeff really only has one ally in his quest to find his brother, which “is the driving force behind the narrative” of the season, per Davis. The creator of the show is an “enigma,” unseen, unheard from unless he’s sending down new pages. The actors on the show within the show seem to be in the dark — at least at first. Even the cops he comes into contact with give him the run-around (and one has the creepy Cult tattoo). Skye (Jessica Lucas) is a young production assistant on Cult, and though she has some secrets of her own, Davis shared that Jeff and Skye really can trust each other, and that is not something that the show treats lightly.

“In the second episode, after the pilot, there’s a big scene in which it dawns on him that everything he knows about the show has been through her, and all that comes to a head. He confronts her, and she finally admits to him why she’s doing this and what she has at stake in this,” Davis said.

“Everyone you meet is always a suspect. They do have allies that they meet along the road, but there’s always that notion of how much they can trust them.”

Cult premieres Tuesday at 9PM on The CW. You can also watch it early at CWTV.com.

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Watch Robert Knepper talk about his role on Cult below.

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