Evelyn Lozada Takes It To The Max-i (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

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Evelyn Lozada is taking her fashion sense from the street to the catwalk: she’s debuting her new dress collection during London Fashion Week on Feb. 20.

And if fans know anything about the Basketball Wives star, it’s that her signature style is built around eye-catching maxi dresses. Now, she’s created some looks for others — and Celebuzz has the exclusive design sketches.


The line, appropriately dubbed Vida Luxe, is sure to take after the fiesty Latina herself.

“It’s very feminine and flowy and will fit all body types,” Lozada told us. “It’s just so much fun. Lots of colors and patterns.”


Lozada first thought of adding “designer” to her resume after fans commented on her sexy looks for Basketball Wives.

“So many women were like, ‘Where do you go to buy your dresses?'” said Lozada, who teamed up with rapper Bow Wow’s mom, Teresa Caldwell, on the line. “We got together and she sketched out my ideas and we talked about every detail from fabric to color to hardware. After she drew out everything and put it together, I was blown away.”

So who’s the first lady she’d like to dress? Hint: she’s one of Lozada’s good pals — and no stranger to style.

“Rihanna will be my first target! I love her,” Lozada said. “She’s very edgy and she will try anything.”

But you don’t have to be a pop star to afford these dresses.

“It will be anywhere from $100,” said Lozada, who divorced NFL star Chad Johnson after a domestic violence incident last year. “I believe that you don’t have to have millions of dollars to look fabulous. You can have something affordable, and just make it look like a million bucks.”

And the new clothing line isn’t the only part of Lozada’s design career.

“I would eventually love to incorporate denim, because every woman loves wearing denim,” she said. “And feminine sweatsuits that women love to wear to travel. So I’ll eventually have a full line.”

In the meantime, London better batten down the hatches. Said the star: “I wanted to do something big, and I thought that launching this overseas would have a great affect on the line. I figured ‘go big or go home!'”

What would you love to see Evelyn design next? And will you buy her dresses? Let us know what you  think, below.

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