Jennifer Lawrence’s Aunt: Winning An Oscar Won’t Change My Niece (EXCLUSIVE)

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Although she just won an Oscar at the young age of 22, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t likely to get swept up by the Hollywood scene.

So says her aunt, Cindy Miller.

“I don’t think winning the Oscar or Hollywood will ever change her and we all pray that she can lead an authentic and peaceful life,” Miller told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “She is a Kentucky woman, after all, and is really a tough Tomboy at heart.”

“Jennifer will take this win in her stride and she probably won’t even bring the Oscar back with her to Louisville when she returns here next,” Miller added. “She likes the fact that nobody makes a big fuss of her here and when she comes around to my home – we are used to seeing her with her hair tied back, no make-up on and with her sweatpants on.”

“We are all very proud of Jennifer because she has worked so hard and that talent has now been rewarded with her Oscar win. It’s quite an achievement for somebody her age — but she’s not be fazed by it or anything like that.”

Miller says she watched the Oscars with her family at her home in Louisville, Kentucky. Naturally, she was rooting for her niece to take home the Best Actress Oscar.

“Before her name was announced my hands were sweating and I was pretty nervous,” Miller said. “But when her name was announced, it was a great feeling of pride and joy for me. I sent her a text message congratulating her but we have left her alone to rest with her parents [Tuesday] because she will have celebrated long and hard and will need some space.”

And about that fall?

“When Jennifer fell before taking to the stage to accept her Oscar we were all sitting on my couch laughing our heads off. But we all knew that Jennifer would pick herself right back up and accept her award. We were not worried at all.”

Lawrence took home the Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. In doing so, she became the second-youngest actress to win in that category, after Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God).