Why This Woman Is The Ultimate Glutton For Punishment

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Of all the Millionaire Matchmaker episodes, perhaps the most infamous one revolved around Robin Kassner.

Fans will remember Kassner as the Hello Kitty-loving PR agent who got kicked out of the Millionaire’s Club after she ignored Patti Stanger’s advice and dated a Ducati-loving dope named Luke, instead. The matchmaker notriously called her “plumpty dumpty.”

Well, sometime after the episode aired, Stanger made peace with Kassner — so much so, she’s giving her a second shot at love, which fans can watch on tonight’s all-new episode.

So, what exactly goes down?

With the help of her equally infamous dogs, Bruiser and Paris Hilton, Kassner gave Celebuzz the scoop on the much-anticipated episode, including the makeover that had her looking like Stanger herself.

Watch it now in the video, above.

Of course, because Kassner’s original episode was so infamous, we had plenty more questions to ask her — like, you know, what the heck happened to her relationship with Jake?

To find out (hint: It involves getting arrested and, later, knocking up a waitress at Hooters), plus to see how her life as changed post-Millionaire, watch the bonus videos, below.

Robin Gives Celebuzz An Update On Luke The Plumber

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