Revealed: The Girl Who Brought Harry Styles To His Knees (EXCLUSIVE)

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Harry Styles' New Pad
Step inside the One Direction singer's new bachelor pad.
Harry Styles got more than he bargained for during when a fan chucked her shoe onstage and it hit him, well, down there.

But the female admirer wants to offer the One Direction star an apology, she tells Celebuzz exclusively.

“I threw my shoe and I aimed for the stage, but I accidentally hit Harry! I really want to apologize to him and meet him,” said Jade Anderson, who felt so bad, she shed a few tears after getting back her now-infamous blue Van.

The 14-year-old even tells us she wishes she’d thrown something else at Styles. Said Anderson: “I was going to throw a piece of underwear, but my friends said no!”

The shoe-stopping moment occurred at a concert in Scotland on Feb. 26. After Anderson’s missive struck 19-year-old Styles in the groin, the pop star fell to the floor.



“I threw it because I wanted them to touch something belonging to me,” Anderson explained. “I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

She later took to Twitter and came clean about the incident, tweeting:

@harry_styles im the one that threw my shoe at you, i never meant to hurt you 🙁

— Jade (@jadeAanderson) February 27, 2013

But security teams at the concert hadn’t been so sure, quickly ejecting Anderson from the venue.

“After I had done it, the security caught me and took me out, then gave me trouble,” she said. “Security just told me that I could have really hurt him and never do it again.”

Luckily for her, Styles took the incident in stride, even doing some stretches with a smile. And Anderson soon regained entry into the concert — thanks to a pair of very special guys.

“Harry and Niall [Horan] asked for me to come back in,” she said. “They told the whole audience! I got back in, and Niall then gave me both of my shoes back.”


As for those infamous sneakers?

“I won’t wear them,” Anderson said. “I’ll treasure them.”

Do you think Harry should forgive Jade? Tell us how you feel, below.


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