LiLo ‘Is Living Proof There Is A Two-Tiered System Of Justice’

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Lohan Charged for 3 Crimes
The star will be charged for 3 crimes for her car accident.
Lindsay Lohan was denied in court Friday.

A Los Angeles judge refused to dismiss the reckless driving and obstruction case against the actress and ordered the Mean Girls star to stand trial later this month in connection with the 2012 car crash.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dabney also had some strong words for Lohan’s new lawyer, Mark Heller. He accused Heller of not knowing what he was doing, noting the paperwork the New York-based attorney filed was so erroneous, it was inexcusable.

We asked HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell whether LiLo should keep him as her lawyer?

“Yes, she should keep him,” Velez-Mitchell told Celebuzz.

“This woman goes through cars and through lawyers the way somebody else might go through jelly beans.”

Lohan’s previous lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was able to protect her from any serious jail time, but after many tumultuous years of Lohan firing her and then pleading with her to come back, Chapman said farewell to Lohan in January.

Velez-Mitchell points out, “Lohan is living proof that there is a two-tiered system of justice in this country. One for the rich and famous, and blonde and beautiful, and the other for everyone else.

“Imagine if a poor, inner city kid had committed the same crimes. Remember she had a high speed chase down PCH years ago. Remember she was found with cocaine. She’s had DUIs. She’s missed court appearances.”

“This woman is a mess,” says Velez-Mitchell. “It’s fascinating, despite all of her legal troubles, she has never done any hard time.”

The question is, will she get away with it again?

“The judicial system should start looking at Lindsay Lohan and realize that she is turning our nation’s court system into a joke and they need to take back the power and show her who’s boss.”

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