Why The Star Of ‘Carrie Diaries’ Is A Lot More Like You Than You Think

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Grown-up Carrie Bradshaw may have loved her designer duds on Sex and the City, but young Carrie takes a far more realistic approach to fashion — both on and off camera.

On Carrie Diaries, Carrie sources many of her high school and internship clothes from her mom’s closet, including her signature “Carrie” bag, while off-screen the show’s star AnnaSophia Robb relies on budget-friendly brands like H&M for her staples.

“I love H&M because it’s affordable and that’s where I shop,” Robb said about the Sweedish brand while attending H&M’s “Denim Days” Launch event in New York City over the weekend. “It’s accessible to girls my age and to women in general and it’s fashionable.”

And that’s not just lip-service.

The Carrie Diaries star was decked out in H&M as she greeted fans and customized her own pair of jeans at H&M’s Fifth Avenue store. Looking chic in rolled light-wash jeans ($24.95), a white tank ($34.95) and a sequin cardi ($59.95), we could hardly believe Robb’s off-the-rack ensemble cost less than $125, a fraction of a pair of Bradshaw’s signature Manolos.

Check out more pics from the event and more of AnnaSophia Robb’s chic H&M ensemble here.

And to steal Robb’s chic look, check out H&M’s website for a store near you. (Ed’s note: Rumor has it, the budget-friendly brand will be launching e-commerce on its website this summer.)