Watch: Here’s Leo… As Jack!

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Leo In Japan
Leonardo DiCaprio promotes 'Django Unchained' overseas.
Leonardo DiCaprio is one step closer to becoming Jack Nicholson.

In addition to leading a single life that includes frequent (but brief) romances with gorgeous ladies, it turns out that he can also impersonate the legendary actor and his co-star from The Departed.

“I do these Jack Nicholson eyebrows,” DiCaprio said during a recent interview in Japan, where he was promoting Django Unchained.

The 38-year-old, who kindly told the reporter to just call him “Leo,” also dished on his idea of the perfect woman.

“Ones with really great personalities . . . they have to be very clever and have a great sense of humor.”

Whenever he finds this special soulmate, it sounds like DiCaprio is looking forward to settling down and having little ones.

“There’s a scar there,” he said of his minor hand injury from the set of Django. “I had to get stitches there though . . . the whole table was red. That’s what you didn’t see. It was my real blood and it’s a pretty cool story to tell my kids one day.”

What do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Nicholson face? Watch the video, above, for more of the interview in Japan and weigh in below.

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