What Internet Gold Made Us Laugh This Week?

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What was funny on the internet last week?
Looking back on the events of the week, can you even believe everything that happened? Some truly monumental things! Taylor Swift said Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are going to hell. (If you say so, Taylor.) Not a single thing worked out in Justin Bieber‘s favor. (Please see evidence: 1234 5.)  The entire Internet (the Entire-net) got super-excited about Iron Man 3 and Catching Fire.

With all of that news, has anyone been able to keep up with what’s funny? (OK, some of the Biebs stuff was a little funny…) Fear not, Celebuzz has you covered.

We scoured the web to collect some of the funniest pop culture macros and videos the week had to offer.

Once you’ve perused our entire collection below, please share your own favorite memes! You can use the “Add Photo” button toward the bottom of this post, or you can use the hashtag #CelebuzzMemes on Twitter or Instagram to send it to us.

See our favorite funny things after the jump.

So what was funny this week? Here‘s a Supernatural spin on a recent Oscar-winning film:

We felt bad for Justin Bieber all week. Or did we? Did we laugh at him? I can’t remember.

We dove into Beyoncé‘s mysterious past:

A really exciting thing that happened this week was that the Iron Man 3 trailer was released. Here is the official version the studio didn’t want you to see:

But seriously: SO EXCITED!

We were all so excited to see those new Catching Fire promotional photos!

And, because we can, here‘s a fun J-Law GIF!

How many things are wrong with Twilight? A lot, apparently…

And how about this Modern Hip-Hop Alignment Chart?

Dogster showed us what the cast of Girls would look like if they were replaced by dogs. Because, you know, the Internet…

Lastly, let us all remember that time Taylor Swift said Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were going to hell for making a joke at her expense. Womp womp.

Do you have a favorite meme you’d like to share? Submit it below, or use the hashtag #CelebuzzMemes on Twitter or Instagram to submit it!

That’s all we have for you this week. Remember to leave links to your favorite memes, videos, and gifs in the comments so that we may feature them in the future.

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